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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

waiting for tomorrow...

Tomorrow we have two birthdays! Justin's mom will turn XX...(okay, Nana, I won't give your age) and my baby girl will be 1/2 year old! How special that it falls on her Nana's birthday! I have always said I would have her a half birthday...I have had the cake ordered for a couple of weeks now! Ha! So check back tomorrow to see her in all of her 1/2 birthday glory! :)

And two new bloggers to the blog world...check'em out!
My soon to be SIL, Amanda, has started a blog! Now if she would just continue to write, huh, Amanda! :)
And Laura! She lives across the street from my parents and has the cutest family around! (Thanks, L, I stole this pic from fb since it was my fav! :)
We swam in Laura's pool this weekend, and she got these pics of H. So adorable!!
Enjoy your Tuesday! I am looking forward to tomorrow!


Kristen and Andy said...

Hi....just found your blog from Bonnie's (baby Jarret) blog and just wanted to say your daughter is too precious! She is just the sweetest little thing ever!

Kristen :)

Erin said...

I can't wait to hear about her half birthday. I might have to do that for Avin . . we will see!! She is so cute in that swim / sun hat!

Rene said...

Happy Half birthday Hadlea, can't believe the time has passed this quick!!
love ya
Aunt Rene

grammie said...

Happy 6 months hadlea, you have brought so much joy to our family. we miss you Love you.

Unknown said...

Happy Half Hadlea!

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