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Monday, June 07, 2010

relaxing and grampie's birthday!

This busy weekend we had planned turned into a very relaxing weekend since some little girl wasn't feeling all that well! Hadlea is just not a fussy baby. She is always so happy and has always slept so well, but these last few weeks are about to kill me! Ha! I can definitely tell she isn't feeling well. I did start her antibiotics(boo!) on Friday so hopefully those will start working, and she will be back to herself in no time! Our plans were to go to Medford(my hometown) for pictures and then to Kansas to visit family on Saturday and then a going away party on Sunday. I guess doing 1 out of 3 isn't too bad! Ha! Here is how our weekend really went..
We left Friday evening for Medford, just Hadlea and I. (Justin, you guessed it, was fishing! :) They practiced on Saturday and then had a tournament on Sunday. They placed 2nd at their tournament on Sunday! Yeah! Hopefully that means they will do VERY well at their big tournament this coming Sunday! fingers crossed...) Once we got to Medford, it was dinner/bath/bottle time. Not too much time for play.
Saturday morning, we played and then headed off swimming. Hadlea loves the water.
"What?! You don't love my hat!?"
My cousins Amanda and Lauren and Amanda's son, Jake, met us at the pool.
Hadlea didn't last too long before needing a nap!
Once she woke up, she wanted to play with Jake. Jake was too relaxed...kicked back with his foot up! :)
Jake was in to Hadlea's ears. He either was really interested or maybe by this point she was annoying him and he wanted to hurt her! j/k!
"Oh that silly Jake!"
After swimming, we went back to my parents so they could play. Jake wanted to give lots of love!
"What? I just wanted a kiss!"
They decided no more kisses and shook on it! Ha! j/k
After Jake went home, we played out in Grammie's flower beds!
After more play time and a nap, we headed out to the farm. My parent's 30th wedding anniversary is in July so I took some pictures of them in the wheat. These are my favs!
And baby girl was cranky by this point in the day! But she did make it into some pictures. I kept telling her to smile...after all, this gold stuff is what is going to pay for her car/college someday, right Grampie!? wink.wink.
Then we had to head to see my dad's latest toy! A new haul wheat?! :)
Hadlea had to drive!
my baby girl and me!
After leaving the farm, we ran to dinner and then home to eat more of Grampie's birthday cake. I had made him a chocolate cake from scratch before we left Tulsa. It was SO good. I am pretty sure I ate half of it by myself!
Then Hadlea gave Grampie his birthday card and told him how much we love him!
Sunday morning, we got up and ready for church!
After church, we went to the nursing home to visit my Grandpa, my dad's dad. My Grandma happened to be there too. This is the first picture of Hadlea with both of her great-grandparents at the same time. I feel so blessed that Hadlea has both sets of great-grandparents alive on my side. We are not as fortunate on Justin's side. Hadlea's great-grandmother, Mary Lou/Mimi, is still alive on his side and that is it. Thankful to still have her too!
My dad, grandma, me, Hadlea, grandpa
Hadlea loved grandpa! She just kept smiling at him!
4 generations
My mom, Hadlea and my Uncle Mike, my dad's brother
Once we got home, we tried to take some pictures of Hadlea in her adorable outfit! The smiles were NOT going to happen!
She can finally wear her bracelet with her name on it from Uncle Tony and Aunt Rene. They also gave her the pink one she wears everyday!
Sunday afternoon, we went to the going away party. The only thing we actually did that we went to Meford for! :) The going away party was for Father Mike, who is the priest at my childhood church, and where my parents still go. He is leaving Medford to move to Guymon, which is in the panhandle of Oklahoma. That is in the middle of no man's land for those of you that do not know! Ha! I cannot even put into words how much Father Mike will be missed, not only by us or my family or our church family or the town of Medford, but by Grant County as well. Father Mike is an amazing person, a true man of God. He is the easiest person to talk to. He has a love for animals and farming. Medford could not be a better fit for him, but he feels called to go on to Guymon. It was a sad good-bye. Father Mike did the ceremony when Justin joined the Catholic Church. He married Justin and I, and he baptized our baby girl. Three of the most important events in our lives. He was a part of each of them. We will forever be grateful for him!
The church went together and made him this quilt. Each family made a square. It was so amazing...and BIG!
We also got in some family/cousin time. Our family has had a major baby boom.
Me and Hadlea-6months
Megan and Mason-3months
Amanda and Jake-8months
I guess Hadlea missed Jake after swimming on Saturday and just wanted to hold his hand! :)
The same 6 with Catherine and Kate-2years. Kate is my Goddaughter!
Hadlea made the rounds with half of the community! Here she is with Judge Hammontree and his daughter, Olivia.
Hadlea, Olivia and I.
Hadlea finally got to meet her cousin's Angela and Caylee!
And while I am talking to people, Hadlea is just making faces...
Needless to say, she slept the entire two hour drive home! Thankfully!
She always misses her daddy so much! I think this tongue says no more momma time!
We went to Chili's for dinner once we got home and had to make a Target run. Hadlea LOVED her booster seat. Is she really big enough for a booster seat!? It is going way too fast!!
We hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as well! It really felt like a relaxing weekend, but that post just made it seem like we were on the go 100% of the time. We really weren't! Ha! It was some much needed down time.


Grammie said...

well, grampie and i certainly enjoyed your down time. Hadlea is just wonderful and brings such happiness to our lives.

Emily said...

Hadlea is so beautiful! I'm sure you hear this all the time, but she truly is!

And I LOVE her sun hat!

Where did you get her pool float/seat with the sun shield? I need to one something like that for Asher's summer beach trip.

Angela said...

It was great seeing you this weekend! Hadlea is so beautiful, just like her mommy!

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