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Friday, June 04, 2010

outfit, eating and video...

I had gym class last night so Justin came home to get Hadlea before his dr appointment. He has been going to the chiropractor since he had a wreck about a month ago. I guess I need to write about it. He is doing fine, just still really it totaled his truck and two other cars. Nice! :) Oh well, thank goodness for insurance. Anyway...I dressed Hadlea up to go see her Aunt Amanda at work(Aunt Amanda is a chiropractor, how convenient for us! :) I thought she looked so adorable! As I set her in the chair to take her picture, her daddy walked in! So many smiles, but none for momma....
She followed daddy's every move as he walked behind the chair! So adorable!
After my class and their appointment, we came home for dinner. While we got things ready, we stripped Hadlea down and let her have a teething biscuit! She loves them of course, but she is starting to break them off in her mouth so we really have to watch her. I believe I will start putting them in her mesh teething feeder!
For dinner she had peas and apple/prunes. She is such a great eater. So far there is nothing she will not eat. But carrots are her favorite for sure!
And just a quick video of us playing while we wait on daddy to get ready for his appointment!


Bonnie said...

Jarrett's fav is sweet potatoes. And, OMG - he had prunes like 2 days ago & I swear he had 5 black poops in one day! So gross :P I haven't tried teething biscuits yet. We do have the mesh teething feeders & I bought frozen mango to go inside it. He LOVES it!

Hadlea is so presh!

Erin said...

love her smile.... and her messy face :)

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