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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

memories of memorial weekend...

I am going to have to bet that this Memorial Day Weekend will be one for the record books! So many memories were made, but ones that are alot funnier now...after the fact! Ha! Let's start from the beginning! Friday after work, we loaded up the car and (moved to Beverly ok, so that was the first thing that came to my mind :) headed to Tenkiller Lake, about 1.5 hours from where we live. Here are Justin, Hadlea and I arriving at the cabin!
Shortly after arriving, Grampie and Grammie arrived.
We unpacked the cars and hung outside around the fire pit...although we didn't make a fire...all weekend. (Who goes camping without a campfire?! I just realized this on our way home on Monday, and said something to Justin. We even had stuff to make smores...) Anyway, when it got close to baby girl's bedtime, she needed a bath so she took one in the sink. She LOVED it. Although with the messes she makes these days, I am glad it wasn't my kitchen sink!
Our cabin had two bedrooms, one with a full size bed and one with two twins. We took the two twin beds because the room was a little bigger for her pack-n-play. Well, guess who was not going to sleep in her pack-n-play?! Yep, Hadlea! So I put her in my bed. Neither of us slept! She tossed and turned all night. Just when I thought she was asleep, I would roll over and then she would pull my hair. I would only roll back over to see her smiling from ear to ear and holding her hands in the air for me to pick her up! So Saturday morning Grammie and Grampie got up with her and took her for a walk and to the nature center. Daddy and I slept in! :)
Once we all got up and around, we headed for the lake. Hadlea was so ready for the water, or maybe that was me! :)
The weather was so perfect for the lake. It was close to or above 90 type of lake weather! We picked up Hadlea this duck bathtub at Wal-Mart a few days ago for the boat. We got this idea from one of Justin's friends. We put the tub under the canopy of the boat so she was always in the shade. We put the water in her duck early in the morning so it could be warming up. It was so perfect for her! And she is on her way to being a total lake baby. She LOVES the water. She would just splash around, make noises and laugh. I think we watched her all day long!
We also spent alot of time in the lake! Justin and I relaxing...
Our family of 3...
Did I mention she loved the water!? :)
Hadlea, Grampie and I
Now to the memories of Lake Day 1...around 3PM, we decided to head to the dock and let grammie, grampie and Hadlea off. We had some other friends with us and we were going to go back out for a short ride, but Hadlea was getting very sleepy and hadn't slept much all day. Plus it was hot, and I thought she needed to go back to the cabin and cool off. On our way back, WE RAN OUT OF GAS! No joke! This was our first time out in the new boat, and we had no idea how much gas it used. Let's just say this thing sucks the gas! We tried calling a couple of marina's to bring us gas, but they had all of their boats rented out for the weekend. Thankfully, some help came and they were going to tow us to the dock. took almost 1.5 hours to tow us in! It seemed like forever. Once we got the boat loaded and back to the cabin, it was almost 5PM...remember, we started heading back at 3PM! :) Needless to say, we were finished on the lake for the day. We head back to the cabin to get some cool air and eat. After eating, we were going to haul the boat to the gas station and get gas, BUT, we have NO keys! The keys to the Tahoe are gone and CANNOT be found! We spent two hours looking for the Tahoe keys. And that is not a joke either. It was after 730PM before we found the keys! It was a LONG day. After finding them, and I won't say whose pocket they were in the entire time because he thought they were his, grampie, we headed to the station to get gas. :) And not too long after that, it was bed time! Too much for one day!
But...guess who didn't want to sleep again! Yep, Hadlea! Same story as the night before! So Sunday morning, grammie and grampie got up with her again. Once we all got up, grammie, Hadlea and I went for a walk. We were waiting on Uncle Alan and Aunt Amanda to arrive for the day. Can you tell she loves her stroller?!
I took my good camera on our walk thinking we would find a good place for pictures. I could see this hole through some trees that had rocks that overlooked the water. I was determined to get to them. We dropped off the stroller and trampled through some trees, bushes, gravel, etc and finally made it. She was infatuated with the water hitting the rocks! Oh...that grin just makes me smile!
this is the face she makes with she squeals out is SO funny!
my fav of the weekend!
grampie and hadlea
heading out on the water on Sunday afternoon. Aunt Amanda brought some toys!
and her first long nap of the weekend came along with Uncle A. where was he on Saturday?!
and more water time!
and more tub time on the boat!
we pulled off for supper at a restaurant on the water. she has found her tongue and it cracks us up!
grampie and hadlea
my babies.
with aunt a
(This would be the main memory of Lake Day 2) So Sunday evening after eating on the water, we are heading to the dock to go in for the night. Justin drops grampie and uncle alan at the dock to go get the Tahoe. We drive back out to wait on them. Everyone was getting off the lake at this point and there was a line to load boats, so we knew it would be a while. A small fishing boat with 4 adults and 3 kids dropped someone off at the dock and was driving back towards us when a boat went between us that caused a large wake. Water went over the front of that fishing boat and it start sinking...FAST! I would say in less than 30 seconds, all but about the back 2 feet of the boat were under water and everyone was off the boat. I through my clothes off and dove in after the kids. Thankfully, they all had on their life jackets. I handed the kids to Amanda and Justin dove in to help save the boat. Him and 2 other guys were able to pull the boat to shore and load it on the trailer. I can honestly say I have never in my life seen a boat sink. And if you told me that a boat would sink in 30 seconds, I would have called you crazy...I mean really, they are made to float!? It was the scariest/fastest moment I have experienced. The kids were 13, 5 and 2...or something like that. The 13 year old could not swim and was pretty shook up. The 2 year old was scared since he was around strangers, but the 5 year old...he just wanted to hold Hadlea! :)
Sunday evening grammie and grampie headed home and A&A spend the night with us. We went to visit some of their friends that have a lake house so it was nice to meet some new people. Hadlea was already alseep at this point so she didn't get to entertain anyone! Ha!
Monday morning, we had to be out of the cabin by 11AM so we got up and packed everything up. Hadlea still did not sleep, but I knew she would on the way home. We stopped and met some family friends on the way home. They are my friend Shannan's in-laws and Hadlea's somewhat adopted grandparents. Truly great people. I was so glad they got to meet Hadlea! We got home around 3PM and spent the next 3+ hours unpacking! When we got home our deep freeze had been unplugged and we had lost some of our meat. Thankfully it wasn't much, but those things are disgusting to clean out! It just worked out for me that Hadlea was getting tired and Justin had to take care of it! Ha!
Here it is Tuesday...we don't have many plans except for I have gym class tonight. And maybe trying to figure out a way to make Hadlea sleep. She still didn't sleep last night! I have no idea how she is still going...I have no idea how I am still going! :)
I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend with friends and/or family. Ours was amazing! And I look forward to so many more lake weekends with Justin and Hadlea!

Oh...and this little boy went to doggie daycare while we were gone. I should really write a blog about where we send him. I think it is the greatest place and he loves to go there. It makes it alot easier leaving him when I know he likes it. As soon as we pull in the drive way, he knows exactly where to run and whines until the door is opened! Ha! But he always comes home worn smooth he is already in bed at 7PM Monday night! :) We missed you, Berkley!

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Grammie said...

the week end is even funnier after i read about it. But it was a blast, hope i get to go to many more week ends with Hadlea!!!!!Love you guys so much and love every minute that we get to spend with you. Justin always keeps us laughing.

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