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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

heaven in a can & more

Anytime I order something, I cannot wait to get it in! It doesn't matter what it is! I am just dying to see it in person! And formula is no different! Ha! I found a place online where you can order in bulk. You have to order 6 or 12 cans. These are the large 25oz cans! The place I found also offers no tax and free shipping! Thanks to grammie and grampie, Hadlea's 12 cans of formula arrived in the mail and I could not be more excited! The night before we received them, Justin and I were getting in bed and I even said, "Hadlea's formula is coming in the mail tomorrow...all 12 cans! Isn't that exciting?!" He just looked at me. And no, he wasn't excited. I will have to say it is because he doesn't have to go to the store every other day to get a couple of cans! :) And if you do not have a baby on formula, have you ever priced this stuff! It is outrageous! Hadlea is using a can in less than a week! So buying in bulk is the way to go! And having grammie and grampie is the way to go too! Ha! 
And now on to our last few days....
Our nanny had an extra pool and brought it over. Justin filled it up the other night so the water could be warming up. Hadlea and Michael played yesterday afternoon and had so much fun! I could hear them both outside making noise and playing. I could also hear Berkley barking at them because he couldn't get to them! Ha!
Some little girl wants to crawl!
She can go from the sitting position to her knees, but that is as far as she gets! I try to bribe her with different toys, but she doesn't take it! She will end up just rolling until she gets to whatever she wants. I am so not ready for her to be mobile, but I feel like each stage she reaches in her little life is such a major accomplishment. I just get so much joy out of watching her do new things!
grammie arrived last night!
Grammie hadn't seen H in two weeks and she couldn't take it any longer. So today, she took off of work and came to spend the day. The nanny has the paid day off! How nice! :) Last night we went out to dinner after I got out of gym class. I just thought this outfit was too adorable!
And not only is Hadlea wanting to crawl these days, she wants to walk too! Hadlea is completely over laying down, and she is almost completely over sitting too. If you try to sit her down, she stiffens her legs. All she wants to do is stand...which gets really tiring! Ha! Before we left for dinner last night, we stood her in the couch and she did so great! She would stand for a while before...
falling... Ha!
But towards the end, she really got the hang of it!
She didn't want to sit in her car seat to leave after this!
Today, I am working, but we took a short trip at lunch to eat and get me a new camera! I have a Cannon SLR camera that I use to take alot of my pictures, but I always keep a small camera with me in the diaper bag. I also used the one I lost to take her short videos. Grampie said it needed to be replaced immediately!
The guy at Best Buy talked me into a Sony. I have never bought anything but Cannon, but I guess I will give it a try. I went to buy a Cannon, but they didn't have the one I wanted in stock. I have 30 days to try it out so we will see how good it is! If you have this and do not like it, please let me know!
baby news...and no, not me!
My best friend Jessica is pregnant and due at the end of November. (You can find her here!) It is their first baby. Jessica and Jimmy's friend is having them a gender reveal party tonight. They had their ultrasound yesterday and the ultra sound tech put their gender in an envelope. They took the envelope to a bakery, and they are making a cake. The middle will either be pink or blue. No one has any idea what the gender is! J&J will cut the cake tonight to reveal the sex. I so wish I could be there tonight to find out the sex of the baby along with Jessica, Jimmy, their friends and family. I am voting BOY, but of course, I would love Hadlea to have a best girl friend like Jess is to me! Sorry, Jess, you know I am selfish! :) Jessica was my maid-of-honor in my wedding. She is an amazing friend and she will be the best momma! I am so ready for future play dates!
And the biggest news...
Hadlea has a tooth!
I would love to get a picture, but I am just not seeing that as a possibility anytime soon! I can barely stick my finger in her mouth to feel it, but it is definitely there! Another stage...makes me so proud!


Bonnie said...

Dang...Hadlea is only 2 weeks older than Jarrett & I can't even get him to sit by himself. Tell that girl to stop over-achieving, haha! My baby is lazy. Where are you buying the formula at? We usually just get the Sam's Club or Costco brands & buy the big cans. I can't afford name brand & Jarrett can't tell the difference. But, your right, formula is EXPENSIVE!

Erin said...

I love her . . I tell you it every time I comment but she melts my heart. She is so stinken cute. Just about as cute as my girls ;) ha ha!

Ok what is the site for formula and do they have all kinds? That sounds like a wonderful idea. I freaking HATE formula!

Jessica said...

I wish you could've come to my party tonight too!! Looks like you got your wish and our little girls can be best friends too :) I can't wait!

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