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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy 6 Months, Hadlea!

Time flies! And that is all I will say! Ha! It does not seem like it has been 6 months since we met our baby girl for the very first time! There are so many emotions that come flooding in when I think about the day I went for my weekly Dr's appointment, not feeling well, and they told us to come back that evening to be induced! I truly never knew that this love existed until I looked at Hadlea for the very first time! Only getting to hold her for a few minutes before she was taken to special care...I am so thankful that she was not in critical condition, but I am so much more grateful for her health today than I would have been before! I am amazed at what God has given us as I look at her each day. There are just not words to describe how perfect she really is! She has changed our lives in so many ways and definitely for the better! I truly think I am a better person because of her, and she is only 6 months old!
We had her a small birthday party last night for turning the big 6 months and being oh so perfect! :) She got to share this birthday with her Nana, so we invited Nana and Rusty over for a cookout, cake and gifts! So here is her 6 month bday in pictures...
going in that morning to tell her it's her 1/2 birthday!
and she was beyond excited! :)
she spent the day playing with Ashli and Michael.
after I got off of work, it was nap time so we could decorate!
her birthday decorations! (justin just shook his head :)
waiting for Nana and Rusty...
we cooked out hamburgers, potatoes, green beans.
and then it was cake time.
the birthday girls!
i put a small piece on her high chair to see if she knew what to do.
she didn't think for a second...
it went straight to her mouth!
she didn't know what to think at first. i gave her more cake and barely any icing.
she only had the first handful she picked up and then we took the plate away.
but she wanted it back! :)
then it was gift time...
she got a set of musical bongos from momma and daddy...
and this ball bouncer from nanna and rusty
we hope you had a great birthday, nana!
so glad we got to spend it with you!
as Nana and Rusty were leaving, Aunt Amanda, Uncle Alan and cousin, James arrived
playing with Aunt A!
and getting sugar from Uncle A!
i know they love her.
and it makes me smile!
our family of 3!
and with cousin, James!
i so love him. james/justin/alan together=lots of laughs! :)
it will be a great summer with him around!
and we couldn't leave out our first born!
we had never given him a proper birthday...
so he got his own special made bone from the bakery...
he loved it! of course...
I cannot imagine what it will be like to plan H's 1st birthday! I threw this together in one afternoon! However, it will be the funnest thing to date! I already have decoration ideas and the cake is picked out! Maybe by then she will be more into the cake! :)
I hope you had a great 1/2 birthday baby girl!

We love you so much!
And now onto...
What is Hadlea up to?!
  • She is eating every 3 hours during the day, anywhere from 2-7 ounces. She is NEVER consistent.
  • She is now eating baby food two times a day. She eats almost 1 jar for lunch and will sometimes eat 2 jars for dinner! Her favorite is carrots!
  • Her schedule is VERY messed up because she is either teething or has an ear infection. She is on her first antibiotics so hopefully that will fix the ear infection. She has decided not to sleep more than 2 or 3 hours at a time. But back when she did sleep, her schedule looked something like: 6 ounces at 6AM, 3-4 ounces at 9AM, 1 jar of baby food at 11AM, 3-4 ounces at 12PM, 3-4 ounces at 3PM, 3-4 ounces at 6PM, baby food and a 4 ounce bottle between 8-9PM and then bed.
  • Like I said above, she is NOT sleeping. But when she does, she sleeps around 9 hours.
  • She is in size 1 diapers.
  • She wears a size 2 shoe.
  • She LOVES bath time and car rides. We have moved her to the big bath tub and she is LOVING it.
  • She loves to splash!
  • She is still wearing 0-3 and 3 month clothes. (Baby girl needs to grow! We have too many 3-6 and 6 month summer dresses to wear! :)
  • She knows her mommy and daddy. Although since she hasn't felt very well, she is extremely attached to her momma! And I LOVE it, but I feel bad for her daddy. And I do like to shower! :)
  • She gets to spend Tuesday and Thursday evenings with her daddy while momma goes to the gym. Some nights he takes her shopping. (For example, last night they went to Academy, Target and Bed Bath and Beyond!) God, please help our bank account when she is older! He will NEVER tell her no!
  • She LOVES Berkley and will watch him. If he lies by her on the floor, she will pull his hair. When she sees him, she gets the biggest smile!
  • She is sitting up full time! She HATES tummy time and is now wanting to stand up more.
  • She is loving all of her toys. She loves any of them that play music.
  • She loves music videos on CMT. She will sit and watch them for hours!
  • She is the happiest when she wakes up from sleeping and gives the biggest smile.
  • She is going to be a major giggler and squealer! She loves attention and will do anything in public to get it!
  • She gets to stay at home every day with me. The nanny, Ashli, and her son Michael come to the house every day. They take walks, play with toys, hang outside, etc. She loves walks and playing with Michael!
  • She loves to be outside! Especially watching Berkley run around!
  • She had alot of firsts this month: teething biscuits, cabin stay, lake weekend, high chair, booster seat.
  • She loves to drink water out of a cup.
  • She has been moved to her crib in her own room. :( Momma always said she would do it at 6 months. I don't know why that was the magic number, but we are hoping it works! The first night she was up every couple of hours, but she hadn't been sleeping well anyway. The second night she slept 10 hours with a new sound machine that her and daddy picked up at Bed Bath and Beyond! We are praying it wasn't a fluke! :)
  • She is weighing around 14.5 lbs!

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Erin said...

I love love love that cake! and I love that she knew just what to do with it. Can't wait to see what you do for her actual birthday!!!!

Can't believe her smile . . I have said it so many times but I just love her smile!

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