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Monday, June 14, 2010

checkup and comparison

Hadlea had her 6 month checkup today. She had 2 shots and 1 oral vaccination. They are no fun....for her or momma! I will be so glad when those are all over with! But like most of her checkups, the talk was about her weight! When it comes to weight...she is no Kilian! Ha! (And for those that do not know, Kilian is my maiden name, and we normally have nice fat babies! :) No worries from the dr on her weight, which we knew. She is a great eater so we were never concerned!
Length: 27 1/4 in @ 92%
Weight: 14 lbs 12 oz @ 24%
Head: 41.6 cm @ 24%

Comparison: 3/4/5/6 months.
and just a few since she was in a great mood!
love, love, love her eyes!
It does not seem possible that you can be 6 months old. When I think about how fast it is all going, I think back to the first time I seen you, to the first time I seen your daddy hold you, to the day we brought you home from the hospital. They are all such wonderful memories that I will cherish forever. I cannot wait to make more memories with you every single day. You are growing into your own personality and know exactly what you do and do not want! You have your daddy's patience...NONE! :) But that is just fine with us! We have no problem spoiling you completely rotten! You are the most perfect and special thing that we have ever experienced. We thank God for you every day. Happy 6 months baby girl. We cannot wait to experience the next 6 months...preferably a little slower! :)


Mrs. Southern said...

She is such a pretty little girl!

Joy said...

Both of my children were (are) little babies too, glad your pediatrician is not fretting! She is a doll!

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