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Monday, June 28, 2010

arkansas weekend...

We decided to head to Arkansas on Friday to stay the weekend with Deanna and Mark. It was completely last minute and I am so glad we went! I met Deanna in college and she was a bridesmaid in my wedding! I have had the chance to see her a few times over the last couple of months, and I think we both agreed that we need to make it regular! I have missed her so much and remember exactly why we hit it off so well when we met in college! She is hilarious! And with the husbands getting along and now becoming fishing partners, it is so fun to meet up! We drove over to their house on Friday night and the boys left at 5am on Saturday to fish! Remember my agenda for the weekend...eating! And with Deanna being pregnant and due in only 4 short weeks...she was right there with me! Our first stop on Saturday was Rick's Bakery! You can see it here. I have read so much about this place and seen their amazing work. I was definitely overwhelmed with everything they had to offer. Their cakes are amazing!
As are their cookies! I got the butterfly and Deanna got the chick.
After Rick's, Deanna and I found at a couple of baby boutiques. I got this sweet onesie half off! And now I am thinking she needs a blue tutu to go with it! :)
We took Deanna and Mark their gift for the baby boy. I cannot wait to meet him! No doubt he will be adorable! Mark is a die-hard Razorback fan so I ordered this off of etsy! Mark was #12 in high school! Just too cute! Deanna is an OU fan so I don't think she was as crazy about it! Ha! But we did give her a case of diapers and wipes...that is the true way to a mother's heart!
Saturday evening, we went down to Dickson St for supper. We ate Mexican food and it was so good! After that we just walked the streets and pushed H around in her stroller. She loves riding in her stroller and was so good! We stopped off at a patio and hung out for a while.
Deanna, Mark, Hadlea, Justin and I
Mark, Hadlea, Justin and I
My baby girl and I. It was so hot...excuse the hair! :)
Did I mention how good she was!? When she wasn't doing this...
She was doing this!
smiling, laughing, talking, playing
She is just too amazing!
And once she started getting tired, she laid back and took her own bottle!
Berkley got to join us for the weekend too! Deanna and Mark have two dogs Ponder a lab and Taz a yorkie. Taz thinks he is about 200 lbs...he is actually like 4 lbs...and he is oh so adorable! He looks exactly like a stuffed animal! He was so aggressive, and Berkley had no idea what to think of him!
And to show how aggressive he is, this is him chewing on Ponder's, the lab, leg! :)
We had such a great weekend!
I cannot wait to go back to meet the baby boy!
Hopefully this week flies since we have a 3 day weekend ahead!

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