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Thursday, May 27, 2010

wednesday and winning...

I found these two pictures on my camera and had forgot to download them from last Friday. This was before we went to Alan and Amanda's after the engagement. I think it is so funny how different she looks with a big bow vs. a small bow! With the big bow, I think she looks like Justin. With the small bow, I see me! So strange! Oh, how I love that sweet smile in the first picture, and I love the eyes in the second picture! She is just so darn perfect...and yes, I am a bit biased! Ha!
And I won again! YEAH!
Kelli over at Dwelling (Custom Wooden Letters and Home Decor) was gracious enough to let Erin over at The Schuler Family do a give away for one of her blocks! Erin did a set of blocks for her new baby girl, Avin, and they were so adorable! I was so glad to win this giveaway, and I just love how the 'H' turned out! Thanks so much to Kelli and Erin!
Here is Hadlea the night before last in the bathtub! Grampie has specifically asked for more videos so maybe I can get better at taking them! She has become quite the little splasher in the tub. We 'were' still giving her a bath in her tub in the kitchen, because I am getting too old to lean over the tub! Ha! But that quickly changed after this...
I yelled at her daddy to help me move her to our tub! We carried her through the house in her tub into our bathroom. I am sure it was a site to see, but she thought it was pretty she thought it would be great to splash through the house! So now baths are done in our bathroom where she can splash all she wants, and I will not have to clean anything up! Doesn't she look like she is having fun?! And I have no idea what the wrinkled nose is...but she is doing it more and more. Hilarious!
Yesterday evening, Nana, Riley and Hannah came over. We just played, inside and out! It was so hot outside...we rode skateboards and played ball while Nana watched Hadlea. Hannah pushed Hadlea in her stroller around the driveway. It was a good evening.
It is getting closer and closer to the weekend! I am so ready for the lake!

1 comment:

Erin said...

THE H LOOKS PERFECT in her room! I love love love it :) Perfect that you won. She sure does look different with a big/little bow in her hair, how cute.

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