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Saturday, May 01, 2010

sick and thankful! definitely an understatement! It all started Wednesday evening. I picked Justin and I up some sandwiches from Arbys, a tea and a coke. We ate around 7PM. We had different sandwiches and different drinks. Not sure what it was, but around 9PM, I started getting dizzy. I was feeding H and Justin was leaving to run a couple of errands. I didn't say anything because I knew he would be right back, but it went south the second be left. I moved her to the bath and then felt so bad I couldn't see or stand up. I just set with H until Justin got back. Once he got back, I went and laid down while he finished her bath. Around 10PM, I starting getting sick...about every 30 minutes until 3AM. We left for the ER...Justin insisted. I thought I would eventually vomit enough to get it all out. I really think he was just tired of listening to me. Justin and Hadlea stayed in the car while I went into the ER. I got sick on the way to the door. No fun! There was no waiting, thankfully! I went back within 5 minutes. My heart rate and blood pressure were elevated so they started an IV, gave me zofran and took blood. Once the blood work was back, it showed I had an infection and my liver enzymes were elevated. I was still feeling nauseous so they gave me phenegran and another IV. By this time, I think it was around 630AM and Justin and Hadlea were still in the car. My brother lives a few miles from the hospital so Justin stopped by there. I called my mom to fill her in and asked her to come down. I knew she had to work so she headed in to work and then would leave to head our way. My mom lives just over 2 hours from us. Around 7AM, I called Justin to tell him that I could leave in 30 minutes, per the doctor. When the nurse came in around 730AM, she asked if I was still nauseous. I said yes. My stomach was still killing me! So they gave me benadryl and something else. They then said if that didn't work they were going to admit me and run more tests. Definitely not music to my ears! I was SO tired since I hadn't been to sleep all night! I told them I was better and wanted to go home. Knowing if I got worse, I could just go back! :) We left around 0930AM to go home. I went straight to bed and after my mom got there, Justin joined me...along with Berkley! :) I slept ALL day on Thursday! I had a fever on and off, but by Friday morning I was feeling better, just weak and tired. I took off Friday too so I could rest up since my mom was staying. And here we are Saturday left this morning. Justin, H and I went and did a little shopping and then went to church. Hopefully we will all be up for fishing or just getting out in the sun tomorrow.
and now is definitely an understatement! I am thankful for my mother. The older I get, the more thankful I am for her. I knew when I called her at 630AM that she would come to watch H. I had forgot that my dad hadn't been feeling well, but to the both of them, we were more important. My mom puts everyone in our family before herself, which is sometimes a bad thing and we harp at her for it. But it does feel so good to have someone love you so unconditionally that you know they will never judge you for anything and will be there for you no matter the matter what they already had matter if they have a job to do, a business to run, they will stop whatever they are doing to be there for you. That is my mother. I hope that I am one day half the mother she is to me. I hope I am the mother-in-law to Hadlea's future husband that my mother is to Justin. My mom is the most giving person..ever! I am so thankful to call her my mother! Thanks again mom for everything you do for us...not only Justin, Hadlea and I, but for the boys too! I know they are just as thankful for you as we are! And we all know you never get enough credit!
I have some pictures from the past few days, but I haven't had time to upload them all so I will leave you with a video of my sweet girl trying to sit up ALL by herself! I love each new stage with Hadlea! It is so hard to believe she is old enough to start sitting on her own and eventually crawling, then walking...but we do joke at our house that she will skip crawling and just walk! You just never know with this sweet girl! :)

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Mom said...

I love you all so very much. I enjoy every moment that i get to spend with your family. Justin is more than a son-in-law to me, he is also my son. We have the best children ever!!!! but our Hadlea is our pride and joy!!!

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