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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

proud, plants and a buddy!

If you haven't checked on Cody lately, today is the day you should! :) He is going home! After all he has gone through and 3 weeks later he is going home! He is truly a miracle! His family left this morning to head to get him. And I know their hearts are overflowing with thanks, praise and excitement! I text back and forth with Jennifer several times a week through this whole experience, and I have to say I have never been more proud to be from a small town. I know we used to say how boring it was growing up there, or how gossip is terrible in a small town, or on and on and on...but after seeing everything the community has done for Jennifer, Cody and their family, I have never been more proud to be from Medford. I am proud to be a Christian and see then work that only God could have done on Cody. I am proud to have a loving family that I know would take care of me if I were in Cody's position. I am proud to be a family friend of the Johnson's....a family that has more faith than I ever knew possible. I am proud to be Jennifer's friend. I could only hope that if that were my brother that I would stay as strong as she did through everything! It is a great day! And though Cody may have a long road of rehabilitation, he is home!

I said yesterday that we worked on our flower beds and pots over the weekend and here are a few of them! I didn't do anything last summer because I was prego and pretty much vomiting by this point so even though I would love to do more...this is a start! I do want to eventually replant all of my pushes that we lost in a storm 2 years ago, but I had spent SOOO much money that it makes me sick to think I would spend it again! And insurance wouldn't cover the loss since they were not directly hit by lightening, like our house was!? But hopefully I will. It looked great for a few days! :)
back porch
front porch
in the front yard
in the front yard
Is it crazy that I gave my nanny a camera to take pictures of Hadlea throughout the day when she is in a good mood?! Ha! I don't think we can ever have too many pictures of this sweet girl! And this picture just cracks me up!
And here is Hadlea and her new buddy, Michael. This is Ashli's son. Ashli is our nanny, and a very sweet girl! They enjoy sitting and staring at each other.
And enjoy laying and staring at each other! :)
While Michael was asleep yesterday, Hadlea got some swing time with Ashli. You know...because she has to find things for Hadlea to do since she doesn't nap and Michael does! I am not sure if Ashli knows what she got herself into! Ha!


Grammie said...

they are so cute. they will be best friends forever. Hadlea is so lucky to have Ashli.

Erin said...

So glad he is going home :) Amazing, just amazing! Love all the flowers :)

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