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Thursday, May 13, 2010

a peek at our week...

If you ever come and stay a week at the 'Huskey House of Humor'(because I promise you will laugh the entire time you are here because of my husband) you would see that our days don't change too much. Hadlea is on a pretty good schedule, and I would really like to keep it that way! Ha! So here it is, a day in the life of the Huskey's...

Hadlea is normally the one to wake us up! She sleeps on her back, but like I said a couple of days ago, she is no longer a fan. So if she beats us up, this is how we would find her! So I am betting she is not in her cradle much longer! Boo! I am so not ready for her to move to her own room. Maybe...I will just move her to our king size bed! :)
After waking up and eating, daddy leaves for work. The babysitty arrives, and I go in my office to work. I feel so blessed to get to work from home and just walk in the other room to see her throughout the day. I also get to listen to her laugh and play...along with cry, which takes all I have some days not to go in the other room to check on her! :) But I do trust that the babysitter to fix her problem! After work, we play depending on if we have anywhere to go. If we don't, we normally go on a walk or go outside and play ball with Berkley. After daddy arrives home, we decide what to eat. If we go out to eat or run erronds, etc, we normally do it and get back home. This past Wednesday, we met Rusty and Nana for dinner for daddy's birthday....the sweet girl all dressed up and ready! And because Hadlea now thinks she is a BIG girl, and is starting to really dislike her car seat, and can now sit up on her own...she got her very first high chair!! She LOVED it! And she also LOVES lemons, which I didn't take a picture of. She just sucks, sucks, sucks and never makes a face!
But once we get home, or if we stay home, all of the fun begins with baby food time! She is doing so good eating. The past few nights she has finished the entire jar of baby food. I guess we will be moving on this week to eating two times a day! Oh...she is just TOO small for this! :) And this is after baby food time...
"i'm going to get you dirty!""oh mom, you're silly!"
and while she eats, brother b watches from the other room. check out those back legs! and of course, after you look like you do above, the only place you can go is straight to the bath...EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT! She is now sitting up in the bath and loving it. I decided she needed some toys so I picked some up the other night. And check out the video below as to what she thinks of them!!
After the bath, it is bottle and bed time! I often wonder what I did with my 'free' time before her. I can honestly say it was wasted time...because moments like these can only be perfect with her! I enjoy every night with her no matter how much work it takes to get her to go to sleep. And after she is in bed, I enjoy time with Justin and playing with Berkley....but it normally isn't too much longer after Hadlea goes to bed that we all follow! As Justin says, "we are now in the married with children category"!

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