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Thursday, May 06, 2010


Today is National Day of Prayer. Things I pray for on a daily basis:

  • My family and friends...for health and safety.
  • Those waiting for a baby...naturally, IVF, adoption, etc. Mother's Day is a hard day for them!
  • For those burdened by natural disasters and their volunteers. TN, Haiti, etc.
  • For the lost...they truly do not know how good life could be if they knew Jesus.
  • For Justin and I...that God would give us the wisdom to be good parents, raising Hadlea as a great Christian, and knowing the difference between being a parent and a friend.
  • For Hadlea...that she will always be safe and healthy. That she will grow up to be a loving friend, spouse and mother. And that I one day I get to see her kids!
  • For the sick/injured in hospitals. Especially babies and their families. It was scary with Hadlea in special care, and I know it could have been worse. We are thankful everyday it wasn't!
What do you pray for daily? It never takes long, and I always feel so much better!

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