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Sunday, May 16, 2010

justin's birthday and our weekend

Because of the storms in Oklahoma on the morning of Justin's birthday, he had to work late. There were tons of people without electric and alot of lines down due to the winds. I hated he had to work late on his birthday, but it is always good for the bank account! Ha! When he got home, his sister, Leslie, and nephew and niece, Riley and Hannah were at the house. They had him a bass cake made, which is right up his alley! We cooked out some hamburgers and then had cake. Here is Leslie, Hadlea, Riley, Justin and Hannah...

This cake was amazing! The bottom was two layers of chocolate cake with a strawberry filling and is water. The boards laying on the water are made out of white almond bark and painted to look like wood. And then the bass was white cake. The entire bass was editable except for the head and fins! It just amazes me that people are this talented! :)
And Riley Biley and Hadlea! She still LOVES him! He calls her Haddie Mae and she just cracks up!
Hannah and Hadlea. Hannah was playing with one of Hadlea's toys that sounds like a car. It has a steering wheel and a gear shift. Hannah was acting like she was driving a bus and Hadlea was her passenger! Ha! I just cannot wait until these 2 and Riley are older...who knows what trouble they are going to cause us!
Friday evening, we went out to eat with Richard and Debby. Richard is Justin's fishing partner and they are both like grandparents to Hadlea. They have one daughter and no grandkids! Needless to say, they are in love with Hadlea!
And proof that baby girl LOVES lemons! Just watch the video!
On Saturday, we gave Hadlea a teething biscuit. One of my friends had given us a box of them that her little girl no longer used. She LOVED them as well. It was just so funny!

On Saturday, Justin, Hadlea and I went shopping and ran errands. I needed to get the oil changed in my car and we were about out of formula! I honestly had no idea before Hadlea how much formula babies went through! I swear we buy 5 containers a week! (maybe a bit drastic, but that is how it feels! :) We went to church Saturday evening since Justin was fishing today, Sunday. After church, we went to eat with some other friends. Here is the sweet girl all ready for church and dinner!
Today, Justin fished and Hadlea and I spent the day at home. We played ALL.DAY.LONG! Since she doesn't nap and it's 7PM and she still hasn't been to sleep since this morning, I have not done ONE single thing! :) But daddy is home now and playing and although I should be doing laundry or picking up our mess from playing, I decided to blog! :) I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! And now we get ready for another week!


Erin said...

i love love her little stripped shirt :) Love all the pictures of course. Looks like a fun filled packed weekend.

Patti said...

Hadlea is such a little fashionista!! What a cutie. :)

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