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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

hadlea's many firsts...con't.

I have been thinking about all of the things Hadlea will start doing soon or has already done that will be 'firsts'! I wanted to keep it in one here it is! I will just update this as they happen and repost!

Hadlea's 1st...
day on earth. 12.09.2009
family photo. 12.09.2009
bath. at the hospital. 12.11.2009
bow. 12.11.2009
car ride. 12.11.2009
santa. 12.13.2009
professional photo. 12.18.2009. 9 days old.
smile on camera. 12.18.2009
christmas. 12.25.2009
new years eve. 12.31.2009
big girl bath tub and smile. 01.19.2010
nail trim and bleeding experience. 02.08.2010
valentine's day. 02.14.2010
baptism 02.14.2010
bumbo. 02.21.2010
trip to the zoo. 03.18.2010
cereal. 03.28.2010
easter. 04.04.2010
horse ride. 04.04.2010
boat ride. 04.11.2010
fishing trip. 04.11.2010
swim. 04.25.2010
swing. 05.02.2010
high chair @ restaurant. 05.12.2010
tornado shelter in the bathroom. 05.19.2010
cabin stay and lake visit. 05.28.2010
wheat picture. 06.05.2010
time in the semi. 06.05.2010
time to eat cake. 06.09.2010
6 month birthday.
walker. 06.13.2010
first tooth. 06.22.2010
(cannot see it, but the day we found it)

and only more to come.


Kimberley said...

what a sweet post! she's a doll!

Erin said...

love this post, you should keep it on the side bar all her firsts kin of like what i have!

also umm i don't remember hearing about her nails and bleeding!! Is there a post for it?

Keri said...

That was so sweet. Neat idea. Your baby is adorable!

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