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Friday, May 28, 2010

3 day weekend...

It is finally here! Memorial Day Weekend and 3 days off! yeah! I think this might be the first year since I started working 8 years ago that I haven't taken extra days off. Justin always works on Friday so I normally get stuck cleaning, packing, loading, etc and never get to use MY vacation this year, I refused. I am saving my vacation days to spend with my baby girl this summer when we can go hang at the pool! In a couple of more hours we will be heading out to the cabin at the lake. And I don't think I am the only one ready...(sorry for the poor quality. it was with my iphone and someone doesn't sit still very well these days!)
I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend! Please do not forget the reason for the holiday. Thank you to our Veterans/Soldiers for fighting for our freedom! May you know how much each of you mean to us, as it is because of you that we get to live in this amazing country, speak our opinions and live our own lives!
See ya Monday!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

wednesday and winning...

I found these two pictures on my camera and had forgot to download them from last Friday. This was before we went to Alan and Amanda's after the engagement. I think it is so funny how different she looks with a big bow vs. a small bow! With the big bow, I think she looks like Justin. With the small bow, I see me! So strange! Oh, how I love that sweet smile in the first picture, and I love the eyes in the second picture! She is just so darn perfect...and yes, I am a bit biased! Ha!
And I won again! YEAH!
Kelli over at Dwelling (Custom Wooden Letters and Home Decor) was gracious enough to let Erin over at The Schuler Family do a give away for one of her blocks! Erin did a set of blocks for her new baby girl, Avin, and they were so adorable! I was so glad to win this giveaway, and I just love how the 'H' turned out! Thanks so much to Kelli and Erin!
Here is Hadlea the night before last in the bathtub! Grampie has specifically asked for more videos so maybe I can get better at taking them! She has become quite the little splasher in the tub. We 'were' still giving her a bath in her tub in the kitchen, because I am getting too old to lean over the tub! Ha! But that quickly changed after this...
I yelled at her daddy to help me move her to our tub! We carried her through the house in her tub into our bathroom. I am sure it was a site to see, but she thought it was pretty she thought it would be great to splash through the house! So now baths are done in our bathroom where she can splash all she wants, and I will not have to clean anything up! Doesn't she look like she is having fun?! And I have no idea what the wrinkled nose is...but she is doing it more and more. Hilarious!
Yesterday evening, Nana, Riley and Hannah came over. We just played, inside and out! It was so hot outside...we rode skateboards and played ball while Nana watched Hadlea. Hannah pushed Hadlea in her stroller around the driveway. It was a good evening.
It is getting closer and closer to the weekend! I am so ready for the lake!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i will eventually...

get back in my routine of blogging! I seriously don't know how some of you do it on a daily basis. In the past, I would write a couple of blogs and then set them to post throughout the week, but that is just getting harder and harder! Hadlea, Berkley and I have been going on daily walks and I joined the gym so I am going to some exercise classes at night as after all of that, eating dinner, feeding H and bathing her, cleaning and doing laundry...there is NO time left for anything! I swear when I talk to anyone it is at lunch or early morning! Or texting while I am on conference calls. The days are long and busy, but I wouldn't trade them for the world! I just cannot imagine squeezing one more thing into my day, but I know it is bound to happened...although it will be a couple of years before Hadlea is into sports, but I am oh so ready for those types of long days! (But please do not remind me of those words when I am complaining in a couple of years of how busy we are running her to dance, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, etc! :)
I guess you all seen the pictures of our 'cellar' as we took cover for the tornado! :) They think a tornado did touch down 2 miles south of our house. Thankfully, it is all empty farm land so no one was hurt and nothing was damaged! Such a blessing! We spend about 2 hours in the hallway with Hadlea asleep in the bathtub. Justin was starting to get nervous as things got closer and wanted to go somewhere, but it would have been too late by then. It was raining so hard and they were calling for golf ball size hail so I convinced him that we needed to stay home! He was glued to the tv....while I played on facebook, read blogs and downloaded pictures. He thought I was crazy! :)
So other than everyday life and tornadoes, nothing new seems to be going on. Ms H is eating more and more everyday! Last night she finished off 1 and a half jars of baby food and THEN a 4 ounce bottle! She just acted like she was starving! :) Here is the sweet girl as she eats her dinner. I know it shouldn't be play time, but how in the world do you turn down that sweet face when she is so full of it! :)
I bought some of these teething feeders the other day at BRU. I had seen a little boy eat a banana in it a while back and though it would be great to see what H could eat. They are mesh and their saliva moistens things enough to allow it through.
The other night we were fixing dinner, and Hadlea was cranky so I pulled out the teether and put ice in it! She LOVED it! She sucked around on it for about 20 minutes. We had to keep adding ice because it was melting. She was soaked afterwards! I plan to get some teething biscuits next and let her try them out. Nothing like a good ol' mess!

Now to recap the last few days...Friday evening we visited Alan and Amanda after the engagement(you already seen some of those pics here)! I am still so excited and look forward to an amazing wedding. Amanda said it will be a destination wedding so there is nothing better than family and a beach...and ice cold drinks! Ha! But here are a couple pictures I stole from Amanda from Friday evening...
This is Amanda's mom, Janelle, and Hadlea. Amanda's parents are so good to Hadlea and treat her like their own grandbaby. This picture just makes me smile! They are such an amazing family! I am so proud of my brother for choosing a wife that has the same family values as we do...and I know those values are taught by your parents! And if you read my post about A&A, then you know I love her to death, and I feel the same about her family!

and me and my happy baby girl!

After visiting them, we went to dinner and then to Richard and Debby's so Justin could get his fishing gear ready for his tournament on Sunday.
On Saturday, Justin, Hadlea and I met Nana, Riley, Hannah and Donna for lunch. Donna is a friend of Nana's. She has watched Justin grow up, and I am sure she could tell me some really embarrassing stories about him! Donna lives in Arkansas and just came down for a day visit. It was her birthday! (Happy Birthday, again, Donna!) And this was the first time she got to meet Hadlea! She has sent Hadlea some of the cutest things! I am so glad she finally got to meet her! Here is Donna with her kids... :)

and kiddos with Nana
Hadlea, Riley, Justin
Riley and Haddie Mae(or that is what Riley calls her and it just cracks me up!)
And she STILL loves him! The minute she sees him she just smiles like crazy!
After lunch, Justin left for his fishing tournament. They went to stay the night in Grove so they didn't have to leave at 2am on Sunday morning. Hadlea and I went shopping with Nana, Donna, Ry and Hannah. I needed to make a mall stop, so I took all of the kids with me. I was brave, but they were so good. They took turns pushing Hadlea in her stroller so they were occupied the entire time. Saturday evening, we visited some friends and then Mark and Deanna came for a visit. I did not get a picture...Boo! I met Deanna in college, and she was a bridesmaid in my wedding. I miss seeing her so much! Deanna has a 10 year old daughter, Courtney, and a baby boy on the way, due in August. Deanna is so adorable pregnant and I cannot wait to meet the sweet baby boy!
On Sunday, Hadlea and I got up to meet Alan and Amanda at church. After church we went to lunch. Hadlea was in a great mood. She laughed and did her happy scream the entire way through. We left as fast as possible!
We went to Alan and Amanda's to hang out by the pool after lunch. I went to get my hair trimmed that afternoon so they kept Hadlea since it is right down the road from my hair salon. Amanda took Hadlea for a walk and tried to get her to play with Avery. It looks as if she loved her at first...
but that shortly changed... Ha!
We are gearing up for a fun-filled Memorial Day weekend at the lake! We have a cabin waiting on us, and I am dying to leave! I have missed the lake so much! Being pregnant and really sick through most of last summer put a little damper on alot of our lake plans! This year, we are not holding back...

Monday, May 24, 2010

happy birthday...

to the man that always lets me talk and vent and never talks back...or tells me how crazy my thoughts are...never gets mad at me...and loves me to lick my face! Ha! My sweet baby boy turns two years old today! Berkley means more to Justin and I than words can express. Every night when we go to bed we both say, 'good night, buddy!' and one of us makes a comment about how lucky we are to have him. (And I am so not kidding, we do it every single night!) Justin often comments about how lucky Berkley is to sleep in a king size bed and wonders if he tells his dog friends! :) We are constantly making jokes about lucky he is, but at the same time, how lucky we are! He is the most perfect thing, ever! Him and Hadlea rank high upon the very same pedestal! Ha! We didn't bring Berkley home until Sunday, July 27, 2008. I will never forget the day I found him on the Internet just browsing around Yorkie sites. It was probably the 10th+ site I had looked at that day and I pulled up a Yorkie site out of Missouri. His picture popped up and I instantly knew I had to have him. I called to see if he was still available and the owner said yes, but a woman from North Carolina had just called about him. The NC woman was supposed to be calling back after she spoke with her husband. I knew I didn't have time to call and track down Justin, so I just said, 'I'll take him!' I went to the post office ASAP to send in my deposit and we left two days later to pick him up! Here is the sweet baby face we seen when we picked him up...
on our way home, we stopped by my brother's house so he could meet his cousin, Avery. Obviously, size has never mattered to Berkley! He had no issues climbing all over Avery!
We have enjoyed every single minute of Berkley, and I really have no idea what we would have done with our time before him. We honestly do not go anywhere without him unless it is just impossible to take him. And he loves to go...and if we are 'going' without him, we have to spell g-o!
Berkley loves to play tug-of-war....with anything. a sock. a rope. a stuffed duck. a blanket. a ball. If he can pull it, he will!
Berkley loves to hide things in the mud. And for some reason, he only does it after it rains. And this is what we get to clean up!
Berkley is the best bed partner, ever! This is usually how he sleeps, with me or Justin. He loves to be close!
Berkley is nosey! If he is in a vehicle and you are looking at something, he HAS to see too! He will whine until he gets to see! Ha!
Berkley is a sleeper. He will sleep anywhere when he gets tired. Even on the console of the the pickup after a day at the lake!
My first picture of H and B sleeping together. He is jealous of Hadlea, but I know he still loves her. He wants to see her first thing in the morning when she is waking up and loves to sit right next to her. Just melts my heart!
Berkley loves to go to Petsmart. What dog wouldn't! :)
My babies. I know he loves us!
This is Berkley's perch in my office. My desk is to the right of this window. He stays with me and looks out the window. He also lets us know if anyone is outside or at our house!
He always joins in for Hadlea's monthly pictures. He always jumps up in the chair and turns around and lays down. It is as if he knows exactly what to do! What can I say, he knows his momma! Ha!
Berkley's registered name is Captain Skeet Berkley Huskey, a true fisherman's son! :) He is my first baby and a love of my life! We are having a party for his birthday so we will get pictures today! I do not know who will be more excited to eat cake, me or him!? Well...I get people cake, and he is getting a dog cake!
happy birthday, mommas boy! i love you to pieces!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Congratulations to A&A!

Friday, May 21, 2010, will always be a special day for our family! My older brother, Alan, FINALLY proposed to his girlfriend, MY future SIL and Hadlea's Aunt, Amanda! I know I have told stories before about how I never wanted a sister growing up! I never wanted to share a bedroom, bathroom or clothes! Ha! But the older I get, the more and more I wish I would have had a sister. Someone that would have always been there to share ideas, thoughts, and more than anything, memories! If I could go back and choose someone to be by sister, I would have definitely chosen someone exactly like Amanda! She is the most genuine person I have ever met. She is caring, has the biggest heart you can possibly imagine and loves Hadlea like she were her own! My brothers are two of the most important people in my life. Their happiness is way more important to me than my own happiness. If they are ever having an issue or are unhappy, I am unhappy. To see Alan and Amanda together makes my heart swell with pride. To get to be apart of their love is something I will treasure forever! If anything ever happens to Justin and I, Hadlea will go to live with them and I could have never chosen two people to love my daughter more than them!
Alan and Amanda...Congratulations on your engagement. You truly will never know how much you both mean to Justin, Hadlea and I! Thank you for letting us be a part of your relationship. We are definitely better people for knowing you both. Thank you for loving Hadlea like she were your own. I know someday she will be spoiled beyond belief by the two of you and to know this, makes me smile...although that might change when it happens! :) We love you so much...and we cannot wait for the wedding...and babies!
After the proposal...Amanda had been laying out by the pool when it happened! Leave it to Alan to do it when she least expects it! :)
Hadlea and her Godfather, Uncle Alan

Hadlea and her Aunt Amanda Hadlea, Amanda and I And because if you don't know them, the only thing you care to see is the rock! Ha! And a rock it is! :)

We love you both so much! Congratulations!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...

oklahoma tornados...taking cover...
daddy, berkley and I sat in the hallway and watched the tv in our bedroom
baby girl was asleep so we put her in the tub...the only redneck oklahoman thing to do!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

justin's birthday and our weekend

Because of the storms in Oklahoma on the morning of Justin's birthday, he had to work late. There were tons of people without electric and alot of lines down due to the winds. I hated he had to work late on his birthday, but it is always good for the bank account! Ha! When he got home, his sister, Leslie, and nephew and niece, Riley and Hannah were at the house. They had him a bass cake made, which is right up his alley! We cooked out some hamburgers and then had cake. Here is Leslie, Hadlea, Riley, Justin and Hannah...

This cake was amazing! The bottom was two layers of chocolate cake with a strawberry filling and is water. The boards laying on the water are made out of white almond bark and painted to look like wood. And then the bass was white cake. The entire bass was editable except for the head and fins! It just amazes me that people are this talented! :)
And Riley Biley and Hadlea! She still LOVES him! He calls her Haddie Mae and she just cracks up!
Hannah and Hadlea. Hannah was playing with one of Hadlea's toys that sounds like a car. It has a steering wheel and a gear shift. Hannah was acting like she was driving a bus and Hadlea was her passenger! Ha! I just cannot wait until these 2 and Riley are older...who knows what trouble they are going to cause us!
Friday evening, we went out to eat with Richard and Debby. Richard is Justin's fishing partner and they are both like grandparents to Hadlea. They have one daughter and no grandkids! Needless to say, they are in love with Hadlea!
And proof that baby girl LOVES lemons! Just watch the video!
On Saturday, we gave Hadlea a teething biscuit. One of my friends had given us a box of them that her little girl no longer used. She LOVED them as well. It was just so funny!

On Saturday, Justin, Hadlea and I went shopping and ran errands. I needed to get the oil changed in my car and we were about out of formula! I honestly had no idea before Hadlea how much formula babies went through! I swear we buy 5 containers a week! (maybe a bit drastic, but that is how it feels! :) We went to church Saturday evening since Justin was fishing today, Sunday. After church, we went to eat with some other friends. Here is the sweet girl all ready for church and dinner!
Today, Justin fished and Hadlea and I spent the day at home. We played ALL.DAY.LONG! Since she doesn't nap and it's 7PM and she still hasn't been to sleep since this morning, I have not done ONE single thing! :) But daddy is home now and playing and although I should be doing laundry or picking up our mess from playing, I decided to blog! :) I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! And now we get ready for another week!

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