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Thursday, April 22, 2010

wife of the year?!

I sure think so, and so does my husband!
Sorry...long post! :)
When Justin bought his first fishing boat a few years ago, he wanted to start tournament fishing. I had no problem with it, but it turns out that people make a living doing just that, fishing tournaments. I had no idea the money you could make, but I also had no idea the time people put into getting ready for a tournament. Justin is fishing a tour this year, the American Rodsmith Tour. He has a tournament every month through September. And then atleast one other weekend a month, he goes and pre-fishes whatever lake they will be going to that month. Each month they fish a different lake. sum it all up, two weekends a month are devoted to fishing right now. I, at first, thought he was crazy and I told him no way was he doing all of that. But fishing is his passion. He works hard to make a living for our family. He has given up other things or sold things to pay for his gas or equipment so it doesn't come out of our personal account. He has also been asked to fish other tournaments or go fish with friends on other days that he has turned down to be with Hadlea and I. And I never once asked him to do it. Justin is my very best friend and I have no doubt that he is my soul mate. God definitely knew what he was doing when he put us together. Justin makes me smile and laugh every day. He helps around the house...cleans, does laundry, gets up in the middle of the night with H. I know not all girls are as lucky as I am. It is such a good feeling to know someone loves you unconditionally. And the feelings are SO mutual! So...I thought and thought about what I could do for Justin. I wanted it to be special and something he would remember or have forever. So I did what any other crazy fisherman's wife would do, I emailed his favorite fisherman from the Bassmasters, Fred Roumbanis. Now remember, to him, these guys are like my Troy Aikman. I will one day meet Troy Aikman and probably be the stupid little fan that passes out or cries. These guys make tournaments! I googled his name one day and found his website. He has a place where you can write and ask fishing questions. But not this wife! Nope, I asked him if he would take Justin on a guided day fish or just a day on the lake. I did however, tell him what a wonderful husband/father he was and how much he had given up to be with Hadlea and I. I even said something along the lines that I know how busy they are traveling 10 months out of the year and if the email never got answered, it was fine. But you never know without taking the chance! And oh did I ever get a response!! Not only did I get a response, I got it from the guy's wife....

I am Fred's wife, Julie. I was checking emails for Fred since he is out on the water. The "Blue Ridge Brawl" starts tomorrow here in Moneta, VA at Smith Mtn Lake for the Bassmaster Elite Series.
First, let me say that as a devoted fisherman's wife and mother of a young son, I was truly touched by your email. It actually brough tears to my eyes... the fact that you want to contribute to his passion, instead of letting it be a burden (which is easy to do with a new baby.) We are fortunate to be able to travel full time with Fred, and have done so since Jackson was 3 weeks old. People ask me all the time if it is hard to stay supportive when Fred is always, always on the water fishing. And my answer is this: So many people live their lives without a true passion. God has blessed Fred with one that he was able to build a life around, and I am blessed just to be a part of it.
Fred would definately be interested in a personal fishing trip with your husband. It would have to be sometime after our season ends mid June. After this tournament, I will talk to Fred about it and see if we can get something scheduled.
We'll be in touch!

I really cannot believe that I got an email back, but actually, I cannot believe I even read it. It happened to go into my junk mail and I NEVER read my junk mail, but for some reason, I opened it yesterday and seen the email. It just kind of made me laugh! I would share the email I sent, but I am pretty sure you all would think I was nuts! I tried not to sound all crazy! Ha!

Anyway, Justin and I went to Arkansas to watch the Bassmasters weigh-in last year and we met Fred and his family. Here are Berk and I with Fred and his son, Jackson.

I was going to try to keep this a secret until May 13, his birthday, but seeing how I am not any good at secrets with him, I told him last night. If I could have bottled up that smile as I read both emails, I would have...and I would have looked it at every day for the rest of my life! I know he was very surprised. Seeing how I have no interest in fishing, he said he didn't ever think I would do anything like that. I told him I would hold this over his head until it happened and that he better do exactly what I say or I will not make it happen! Ha! But, of course, I am only kidding! I cannot wait for the day it happens...and you will hear all about it here!

On another note:
If you haven't checked on Cody Joe lately, go here. Cody is walking, wispering, smiling, hugging...Cody is a miracle! He has a long road ahead of him. These small steps are milestones on his way to a full recovery! Thank you for your prayers and praise to Him. God is so so many different ways!

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