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Sunday, April 11, 2010

weekend recap and hadlea's 1st fishing trip

We had a great, but busy weekend. It doesn't seem like we did too much, but we were always doing something and keeping ourselves busy. Justin worked from 8AM on Thursday until 4PM on Friday, with about 5 hours of sleep in there somewhere. So Friday, he came home from work and took a nap. Hadlea, Berkley and I went for a long walk and then came home for bath time. I went to get a towel and came back to this! YES, that is her foot in her face. She was sucking the water off of her toes!
After bath time, Justin was up so we played for a while. Then he went outside to get his fishing stuff ready as he was going fishing at 6AM. I guess he didn't need to catch up on his missing sleep! :) Hadlea, Berkley and I went outside while he got stuff ready. Berkley and I played fetch and Hadlea sat in her bumbo seat and watched. She is LOVING Berkley right now and just smiles everytime she seems him!
On Saturday, Justin went fishing and caught this 5 pounder! I always give him a hard time when he says he caught a good fish because he doesn't take a picture of them. I always tell him I do not believe he catches anything. So he text me proof this time! Ha!
While Justin was gone fishing, Hadlea and I went shopping! I needed to get new lenses in my glasses because my eyes got WAY worse while I was pregnant. While they were getting fixed, we headed to the mall and got all of this fun stuff! Some of these were only $3 and $4! Why is shopping always more fun when you find great deals!? :)
Saturday evening, we went out for Chinese and then got the pontoon ready for Sunday. We went crappie fishing! I was so excited to take Hadlea out on the boat to see how she would react. She was SO good! We were out there over 5 hours and she only lost it one time when she started getting sleepy! Here is the big girl taking it all in!
Hadlea and daddy driving the boat!
Hadlea and I playing on the back!
Hadlea's 1st fish!
And after she lost it for the first time! :)
Big girl in her bumbo! She completely dislikes laying down anymore so we pretty much take this with us wherever we go. She loves to be able to see everything!
Momma's 1st crappie!
Sunbathing! She did love laying out without her pants on. It was 85 degrees today and just a little wind. It was the PERFECT day!
Time for another nap!
We caught quite a few crappie, but ended up giving them to some other fisherman. I do not eat them so there was no way I was going to cook them! :) While Justin was getting both boats cleaned and put away, Hadlea, Berkley and I were playing in the floor. Remember me saying how she loves her brother these days...listen to this... :)


Erin said...

love all the cute clothes and I love all the fishing pictures! Her smile just gets better and better!

Jenn said...

I just gave you an award on my site!

Have fun with it!!

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