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Monday, April 19, 2010

prayers, praise and a wedding reception!

The last week has been filled with more emotions than I ever thought possible! Sometimes I think I would cry not knowing if they were tears of happiness or sadness. It could possibly be because I haven't had more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep in a night in the last few weeks, but as I go to bed every night and prayer, I end up thinking so much that I can never just rest! But I am completely okay with that. I know one of these days Cody will be healed and get to come home. We will continue to pray for him, for others, and praise Him for His miracles, but right now, all I can do is pray. Even if that means losing sleep!
I took off of work on Friday and went to Oklahoma City to see Jennifer. My parents met me at the hospital so they could watch Hadlea. I think I cried half-way to OKC, which is about an hour and a half. I think I expected to walk in the waiting room and see pain, see sad faces, see much more than I was ready to face. I was COMPLETELY wrong! I know Jennifer and her family are experiencing more pain than they ever imagined they could possibly face, but because of their faith, they are in the best of spirits. I got to see Cody. It was hard. But it let me know what I needed to pray for. He looked so much better than I had imagined. It let me know that Cody was there. God is not taking him anywhere. It will just be with His time that Cody will be healed. As my parents were leaving, Cody's mom said that there was only one person that she would let take Cody and that was God. She made a statement about fighting for him and holding onto the bed sheets and wasn't ready to let go, but if he needed to go, then she knew God was the right person to take him. I think I stopped breathing. This family is a true testament and an example of what faith and prayer can do. They are definitely the strongest people I have ever met, and I feel blessed to be a part of this journey. Before I left on Friday evening, they got the news that Cody's heart was healthy. Again...I think I stopped breathing. There were hugs and LOTS of happy tears. We praised God for answering our prayers. Alicia, Cody's mom, again gave the most encouraging words. But....wasn't I supposed to be there to give them encouragement?! Wasn't I supposed to be the one there to keep reminding them of Him?! And how they should stay strong?! And how He can perform miracles and not to worry?! I think I have learned more from Cody's journey than I have in my other 28 years of life. I will never forget what they are going through and I know Cody's story is changing people's lives everywhere. I know people will find Jesus because of this. I know I will continue to look at my faith for Him in a different light now! And I hope you do too!

Friday evening I went onto my parents, which is another hour and half drive. I was driving alone and thinking about my family and friends. I also thought about others that do not have a great support system and how hard it is to fight battles alone. Or I assume it is. I am so blessed that I truly do not know what it is like to be alone. I have an amazing husband that loves me. I have the best family in the world. And some close friends that I can rely on at anytime. My life is so good. There really are not enough words to describe it!

On Saturday Hadlea and I hung out at my moms. We had a wedding reception to go to that evening. My mom was trying to pick out an outfit for Hadlea to wear so we had a little mini dressup session. She HATES to be changed. She HATES anything over her head. Thankfully she was in a good mood! I bought this sweet dress the other day on our little shopping spree! It is SO adorable!
Doug and Cat were married last month in Vegas. I wasn't able to go because of work. Cat is one of my very best friends from high school. Their daughter, Katelyn, is my Goddaughter. I was so happy we made it to the reception. Justin was supposed to go with us, but since I took off on Friday and left for OKC, he wasn't able to make it. He went fishing instead, what else!? :) Here is the sweet couple cutting their cake!
And my sweet baby girl and me! My fav pic of us to date!
Grammie and Hadlea
Grammie, Grampie and Hadlea
Grampie, Me and Hadlea
My cousin Amanda, her son, Jake and Hadlea and I
(Amanda and I think Jake and H looked alike when they were born. I need to get some pictures up to compare. Amanda's mom, Paula, and my dad are brother and sister. Everyone at family reunions thought I was Paul's daughter growing needles to say, everyone always thought Amanda and I were sisters.)
Amanda, Jake, Catherine, Kate, Hadlea and I
Amanda, Jake, Mikki, Alea, Cat, Hadlea and I
We had went to church Saturday evening so Sunday, we woke up and played with Hadlea. We went to visit my dad's parents and then headed home to daddy. Hadlea was so happy to see her daddy, but I think she missed Berkley more! Ha! She just lit up when she seen him and wouldn't take her eyes off of him. I missed them both so much too...maybe a little equally! :) J/K! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Please continue to pray for Cody Joe. He has a healthy heart. We need healthy lungs, brain, eyes and for him to breath on his own!
We have a busy week planned and then Hadlea and I leave for Kansas City on Friday. I am in no way looking forward to a 4 hour drive with H and B, but it must be done for a sweet little birthday! :)


Kelly said...

Super cute pictures! Prayers are with Cody and his family! Miracles do happen!!
Also, you look just like your mom!

Erin said...

Love all the pictures! The one of you and Hadlea is super cute. Thinking about Cody and his family!

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