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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

prayers for cj...

UPDATE: Jennifer has started a blog for updates.
Please go here to leave encouragement.

Some of you might read my friend Jennifer's blog, Keeping Up with the Hammons. Jennifer is one of my very best friends from high school. Whether you read her blog or not, please take 30 seconds and head to her blog and give her some encouraging words. Her brother, Cody Joe, is a lineman and was electrocuted yesterday morning. He is in ICU and is in an induced coma. He lungs were badly burnt. Yesterday they were not getting encouraging words from the doctors. Today, there  is hope that he might pull through, however, they do not know the extent of brain damage, if any. They believe he might have been without oxygen for 7-9 minutes. Please, please take a few seconds and say a pray for Cody, Jennifer and their families. Cody is also awaiting his first son, who is due in a couple of months!
Jennifer, Jessi and Cody

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