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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

KC, KK Birthday and H's 1st swim!

Hadlea and I left out on Friday afternoon for Kansas City, MO. The trip up there was questionable! I left around 2PM because she normally takes a nap around then. She slept until Joplin, which is about 2 hours, but we had 2 hours left to drive!! :) We had to stop 3 times, which isn't too bad, but I knew then, we would be leaving bright and early Monday morning to drive home when she was still sleeping!
Friday evening, we just laid around the house and the girls played with Hadlea. She wasn't in a great mood, but I think it was from the drive. She just wasn't happy! :) Saturday, we got up to a sweet girl's birthday! Kennedy turned 6 years old! I met Shannan, Mike and KK when KK was 2 years old. It just does not seem possible! When Justin and I moved into the house we are in now, they were our neighbors, right next door. Justin and Mike talked right away, but I didn't meet Shannan for a couple of months. Since meeting them, they have become lifelong friends. Not very often do you get friends where the husbands and wives are friends, and it is something very special. I wish there were words to describe what good people they are, but there is not...but it is why I made Shannan Hadlea's Godmother. She has one of the biggest hearts you will ever see. She would literally give you the shirt off of her back, if you needed it. But on to the weekend...Saturday when we woke up, Shannan made pink Mickey Mouse pancakes and Kennedy opened the gift from us...
We got her a purse from the Justice for Girls store. Justice happens to be their last name and KK loves all of her stuff to say Justice! Ha! KK is the girliest girl I have ever met in my life! She LOVES anything that sparkles and prefers dresses! We also got her this K necklace, a wallet that Justin put money in and some other fun jewelry!
Candles in her pancakes! :) They are having her cake and official birthday party next weekend. Mike is doing a 2 month round at a hospital in TN, and he will be home for good next weekend. The party is going to be SO cute. Shannan always goes way out for the birthdays!
And Brynlee said it was her birthday too! She will be 3 in June so 3 candles it is...
Brynlee later wanted to try out the bumbo!
After breakfast we got ready and headed to the mall. The girls are always so good!
After the mall, Shannan had made an appointment at Sugar and Spice for KK and B. This is a children's salon where you can get mani's, pedi's, haircuts, up do's, etc. You can have party's there for your girls. They have it all...dress up clothes, even robes for spas! It was too adorable! And something I cannot wait to do with Hadlea one day!
This little thing was so good! She played with her Aunt Shan, hung out in a chair and later fell asleep!
After getting all fixed up, we headed out to eat!
 When we got home, Shannan had a scavenger hunt for Kennedy for her birthday presents. She was only getting a couple of them since she will get the rest at her party next weekend! This was so fun! The girls just ran around the house laughing. This brought back so many memories as this is what my parents did for me when I turned 16 and got my car! They sent me on a hunt for my keys...and I didn't even know what I was looking for, more or less, for car keys!  
Sunday morning we woke up and spent the day playing! We were lazy all day and it was great just to spend time with the girls! H loved this jumper!
They even sang songs to Hadlea!
Later in the afternoon, we got around and went swimming! Shannan had said something before about going so I had to search for the cutest first swimsuit for Hadlea! But first, every girl needs a cute cover-up!
And the sweet girls first swimsuit! She actually has two, but the other one is still too big! It is a bikini! Ha!
It was a great weekend and always goes too fast! We are never there or together long enough! Hadlea, Berk and I got up at 6am and left to head home on Monday. Hadlea slept until we got into Tulsa, which was AWESOME! Made for a fast trip! Justin came home a little early too. I think he missed the 3 of us! And boy did she miss her daddy! It just melted my heart! She would NOT take her eyes off of him all night long!

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Erin said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I am glad the ride home was better!! Love seeing all the pictures. Those girls are just so cute!

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