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Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday, Hannah!

We had an amazing Easter weekend! There are really not enough words to express it! I will definitely be posting about all of the fun, but first I wanted to post this...

My neice, Hannah, turns 4 years old today! This girl is THE funniest little girl I have ever met in my entire life. I do not know where she gets it, but she comes up with the funniest stuff EVER...and sometimes the craziest! (like last night when we went to see them at Nana's, she couldn't walk because a bomb had exploded...see, no idea where she gets this stuff!) I can remember 4 years ago today walking into the hospital and seeing her sweet face! It seems like only months ago! (Here we are...excuse the hat, the messy hair and the fact that I was 4 years younger! :)
I am so thankful to be apart of her life. She makes me smile everytime I am around her or talk to her on the phone. When I am leaving each time, she never fails to tell me how much she will miss me...and it melts my heart every time! I miss her and Riley every single day. Not a minute goes by that I am not thinking about them and wondering what they are up to! I know I have posted about future playdates with Hadlea and how much they will mean to me, but I really CANNOT wait for those days!

Hannah...I hope some day you know how much you mean to your Uncle Justin and I! We love you more than you will ever truly know! We love that you love Hadlea and want to hold her all of the time! We love the fact that you have named all of your babies Hadlea. We know you will be best friends! Thank you for letting us be a part of  your life. We know not all aunts and uncles are lucky enough to get a niece like you! You are a very special girl! We love you so much!

And now pictures from the big party on Saturday! It was a BUSY day. Riley, Hannah and I had went to hunt Easter eggs and play games that morning. Here is the birthday girl with her requested Tinkerbell cake!
Opening presents...
Hadlea loved the tissue paper.
Hannah with her Dora game for her DS she got from her mom and dad.
Riley, Uncle Justin and Hannah playing Riley's DS.
Aunt Les and H (I just noticed Hadlea giving a thumbs up! :)
Nana, Les and Hadlea
Uncle Justin and Riley
And my future ball player? I sure hope so! :)

Happy 4th Birthday, Hannah! We love you so much!


Erin said...

looks like she had a great birthday :) I hope she had a fantastic birthday!!! :)

Are you into sports like me?!?! Did you read my post about athletics?!

Emily said...

Hadlea's thumbs up is precious! I love catching babies doing random funny stuff. :o)

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