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Friday, April 02, 2010

getting ready for Easter...

So the last couple of days have been super busy! Hadlea has been staying at home with me as her babysitter has had a couple of appointments. It is super crazy to work, do conference calls and keep a baby! At some points it is super stressful but that is not a complaint! I am SO blessed to be able to spend extra time with my baby girl! Thursday evening my cousin James came to down to stay the night. It might just work out that he is moving back to Tulsa and I am BEYOND excited for that! James and I went to high school together, but were not near as close as we are today! I know I can always count on him when I need him and he is THE funniest person I have ever met! I wish I could tell you stories...but they are not appropriate! Ha!
Friday afternoon, Shannan, Kennedy and Brynlee drove in from Kansas City! The girls were so excited to see Baby Hadlea. I am pretty sure Hadlea got more kisses in the last 24 hours than she has in her almost 4 months of life...and I LOVED it! :) Friday evening, Shannan and Justin went to have a drink at a new bar that Shannan's friend is opening. (it might seem strange that MY best friend and MY husband went out for drinks, but that seems to be the norm in our relationship. ha! when Shan was prego with Brynlee, Justin, Michael and I would go out and leave her at home. :) The girls and I had SUCH a good time. They were only gone a couple of hours so first off, we sat on the steps outside with Hadlea in her bumbo and ate fruit snacks. Oh...the stories those little girls can tell! They are SO funny...and Kennedy got me with a couple of April Fools jokes! Then we went for a, a 4 month old, an almost 3 year old, an almost 6 year old and TWO dogs! I got alot of smiles as we walked the sidewalks, but I am sure people were saying...OH.MY.GOODNESS! :) We should have got a picture! Next, we came in for bathtime...Hadlea first....the girls loved talking to her in the bath!
This morning we played with Hadlea before they all had to leave. KK and B are just so good with her. It just makes my heart so full! I prayed for days like this for SO long!
We tried getting a pj picture of the 3 of them...TAKE 1...
TAKE 2...
TAKE 3...
TAKE 4...
And now a baby's Brynlee's turn to hold her! :)
and 5 girls in our pjs!
We are all now on the count down to the last weekend of April when daddy has a fishing tournament and Hadlea and I are packing up and heading North to Kansas City for Kennedy's birthday! KK is so excited and so are we!

We have a BUSY weekend! Tomorrow morning I am getting Riley and Hannah and taking them to hunt Easter eggs here in town. This will be the 3rd or 4th year I have taken them, or atleast Riley. The place we go has about 10,000 eggs, inflatables, clowns, games, face painting and, it is all completely free! Saturday afternoon, we have Hannah's birthday! I swear it just seems like yesterday she was born! Grammie, Grampie and Uncle Jake will be in town tomorrow too. We will get together Saturday night, go to church Sunday and then go to Aunt Amanda's parents for brunch. Good ol' family fun! Ha!

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Easter weekend. This weekend is such a special time...Jesus sacrificed for us so we can have an enternal life with Him in Heaven. He has been so good to us this past year. It is almost a year to the day when I found out I was pregnant. I worried day and night that it wouldn't work for us this time, and I should have known not to worry! We are so blessed...with great family, friends and espeically with the love that only He can provide!

1 comment:

Erin said...

how fun! Wish you would have gotten a picture of you walking with all of them. Alex has the same brown jammies with flowers on them. I love them!

Hope you have a great Easter.

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