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Saturday, April 10, 2010

for grampie...

So let's start from the beginning. I was supposed to be a boy when I was born, Jacob Mark (which is actually my little brother now! :). My parents took boy clothes to the hospital, but when I was born, I was far from a boy! Obvisouly! Ha! So my dad had to go shopping for a dress for me to come home in. My dad has been proud of the dress he bought for all of my life. I used to dress my babies up in it when I was little. When I got married and got my own house, my mom gave me all of my old babies, incase I ever had a little girl. The dress was still on one of my old babies. My dad has asked me several times where the 'red dress' was, and I normally acted like I had no idea. But I did know it was in my attic and as soon as Hadlea was big enough, I was going to take her picture in it and give it to him. So for Easter, I did just that. A picture of his favorite two girls! :)
Here I am in the 'red dress'. I was 3 months old!
And here is Hadlea at 3 months old! Do we look alike? :)
I hope you loved the pictures Grampie! And I think she looks more like you in some of these than she does me! We love you!


Jennifer said...

Heather that is so awesome! I bet he is so excited! He's a great Grampie! I can't wait until Hadlea is old enough to come and stay with Grammy and Grandpie so Ady and Hadlea can play hide-and-seek around the neighborhood like we used to! By the way..She does look like your baby pics..and she looks like your dad!

Erin said...

How cute, I love this post! I am sure he is very happy :)

Jessica said...

Wow, I love this and I'm sure your dad does too! That's the cutest thing ever! So special. And I totally see that she looks like you both here.

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