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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter Weekend 2010

As always, picture overload! I can never just choose a couple, I have to show ALL of my favorites! After Shannan and the girls left on Friday, we got ready for Saturday morning. Justin was going to keep Hadlea while I went and got Riley and Hannah and took them to the egg hunt. It was a GREAT time! I looked back through pictures and this was Riley's 4th year and Hannah's 3rd! And this place out does itself every year! Here are the pictures from 2007, 08 and 09! They are too funny...and it only seems like last year!

And here is 2010! They have grown so much and are absolutely adorable!
getting ready for the police sirens to start the hunt...
Hannah finding the eggs!
They were in different age groups so I went with Hannah, and Riley went alone. We designated a place to meet afterwards and he was right where I asked him to be! Such a good boy...but my heart was beating 100 mph the entire time we were separated!
with their treasures...
we ran into some of their cousins!
Jace, Bionca, Kinlee, Riley and Hannah
at the inflatables!
I would say they had between 10 and 15 inflatables for all ages!
and games...Riley racing...
Hannah at the Sesame Street inflatable!
getting her face painted...she wanted a birthday cake since her birthday party was later in the day!
Justin needed to go get a haircut later in the day, so he brought us Hadlea. Have I mentioned how much Riley LOVES her? He pushed her around while Hannah played!
and the love for Riley is mutual!
my 3 sweet babies!
After we finished playing, we went home and picked up Justin and headed to Hannah's birthday party. They were NOT ready to leave, but I told them we needed to get Hannah to her own party. Riley was kind enough to remind us that it was her party and we didn't need to be on time because they couldn't start without her! :) Such a smart little cookie! I already posted about her birthday! I still cannot believe she is already 4 years old!
After Hannah's party we came home and Grammie and Grampie had arrived. We played around the house and looked at the new boat they brought over! I am SO ready for summer! :) On Sunday, we got dressed and ready for church! Hadlea was in such a great mood!  
 Grampie and Hadlea
Grampie, Grammie and H
Daddy and his baby girl!
my sweet baby girl and me!
Our family of 3...minus Berk!
We headed out for church to meet Uncle Alan, Aunt Amanda and Uncle Jake. After church, we went to Amanda's parents for brunch. Jim and Janelle were so kind to have us! The food was amazing!
Playing with Uncle Alan!
Family Picture!
Alan, Hadlea, Amanda, Grammie, Me, Grampie, Jake and Justin
The kids!
Justin, Me, Alan, Hadlea, Amanda, Jake and Josh (Amanda's brother)
After brunch, we took a family nap and then headed to Nana and Rusty's house. Riley and Hannah were there too. Rusty had the horse out so he threw Hadlea on it! She was digging her toes into the hair! :)
Hannah on her bike!
Riley riding in his pjs to put the horse up! :)
Nana and Rusty got Hadlea the Baby Einstein Aquarium for her crib. The kids couldn't wait to open it and show her.
Obviously, we had an amazing Easter weekend! I just love this holiday as it always reminds me of the love Jesus has for us. I always try to make it a special time for Riley and Hannah and will continue to do it for Hadlea. Next year will be so much fun! As we were walking to hunt eggs, I made the comment to Riley and Hannah that Hadlea would get to come next year. Hannah said "AWESOME"! :) And Riley said he got to take her. Not too many 8 year olds would want to miss out on hunting eggs to take their baby cousin! But there is no doubt in my mind he will do just that!

Hadlea received some other fun gifts as well as the aquarium. We got her a piano that you put in her crib that she can kick and it will play songs. Aunt Donna got her a stuffed rabbit that sang. Grammie and Grampie got her a sand pale, books and candy(well for Justin and I :). She received money from Auntie B and Uncle Bimpsie. And she received an outfit from Grandad and Gigi. I forgot to take pictures so I wanted to make sure we got it documented. :) Thanks to all for making Hadlea's 1st Easter so special!

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Erin said...

Looks like a blast! I love seeing all the pictures, it is never an overload. Looks like you all had an amazing weekend.

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