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Sunday, March 07, 2010

weekend and videos...

We haven't done much the last few days. Since Hadlea is going to the babysitters all day now, I really do not like to do anything after work except play with her. Justin has been given the wonderful chores of laundry(which he normally did anyway) and making dinner! :) He is so good to do it for us since I would much prefer to play with the baby girl! Although, I am sure he would much prefer it too, but he doesn't complain!
Friday night we ate at home and played with Hadlea and Berkley. They both got bathes since we had pictures Saturday morning. We had a photographer come to the house Saturday for Hadlea's 3 month pictures. Hopefully I will get them back this week and get them posted! I am really excited to see them!! I am not counting on much as she was in NO mood to have her picture taken. Let's just say it was a stressful 2 hours! :) After pictures, Justin worked on getting his boat cleaned as he has his first tournament next Sunday. Hadlea and I headed out to meet our friends Taran and Trevin and go to Baby Fest. It wasn't much so we headed to the mall for a few hours. After the mall, I dropped Hadlea off at Uncle Alan and Aunt Amanda's and went to pick up Justin. We got take out and went over to their house for it is Sunday and Justin is fishing and the baby girl and I are hanging out at home and playing in the floor. She is down for a nap and I am hoping we can take a walk when she wakes up. I am not sure what the weather is like as I haven't been outside yet! :) Hopefully Justin will make it home for church tonight and then we can go to dinner! I just wanted to post a few pictures from this morning and some video of Hadlea last night. She is getting so noisy! Ha! A noise that I LOVE right now and later will probably drive me crazy as she gets older! :)

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