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Saturday, March 27, 2010

too big, too fast...

I sure think so! Hadlea has decided that she doesn't like to lie on her back anymore. If you lay her down, she will arch her back and straighten her legs and most likely, cry! :) Isn't she too young for tantrums! She is ONLY 3 months! Well out came the boppy and she seems to love it. She holds her head up so well! As a first time momma, I had no idea that they could do it so soon and for so long! She is just growing too fast!
And someone else in our house loves the boppy just as much! :)
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! We went to some friends last night for dinner. This morning daddy got up and went fishing and was back just after lunch. Now, daddy, H and B are all napping and I am getting some cleaning done...well, and blogging too! :)  We have some friends coming over tonight for dinner and to watch some basketball! How about the Big 12...Baylor and K-State! I would love to see them both in the Final Four! Who are you cheering for...if you watch!?


Jaclyn said...

Isn't it so unfair how fast they grow up? My little lady was Hadlea's age 11 months ago and it seems like just yesterday! :( GO Michigan State! :)

Anonymous said...

Girl, in a blink of an eye you will be taking her and her girlfriends to the children's theatre for her 7th birthday. (Which is how I spent my day today!!) She is adorable. We miss you guys so much.
Love you all- Michele

jenn said...

she looks so cute using her boppy..i am pulling for WV

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