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Saturday, March 20, 2010

only in oklahoma...

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So guess where we are just after two days of 70 degree weather!?!? Stuck inside because of this...
It was 68 on Thursday when we went to the zoo and 73 yesterday! Right now, it is 30! Yesterday they were calling for 4-8 inches of snow and now that has changed to 9-12 inches! I bet we are still here tomorrow too! Nice! Welcome to Spring in Oklahoma!

So here are a couple pictures from yesterday. Jessica kept Hadlea yesterday while I worked and they seemed to have alot of fun! Or I hope so! Hadlea laughed all day long!
And her favorite...bath time! She is SO outgrowing her tub. I think I have said I need to get a mat for the big tub for about a month now! I should really get on that! Ha!

I hope everyone is staying warm where ever you are! I am going to pile back down with the girl and watch some March Madness! Is this anyone else's favorite time of year? It is mine...well after football is over, of course!


Erin said...

The sun is shinning here but its chilly. WE NEED SPRING. Enjoy your weekend! Love the new look :), do you keep doing them yourself?

Mrs. Southern said...

We had a sunny weekend and I'm praying we don't get the snow now! Look at how BIG she is! She's so long! Parker is outgrowing his tub too and I don't know what to do! He's not able to just sit on his own yet so we are still doing his tub, send me any ideas! :)

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