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Monday, March 01, 2010

i won...i won...

I am pretty sure I am 'one of those girls' that complain about never winning anything! I pretty much know when I go to the casino that I WILL come back empty handed...however, I do love to try my luck. But thanks to Jenna at The Jackson Five Family, maybe that all is about to change! She had a giveaway for some softlips and I won! Thanks so much, Jenna!
Jenna is also currently doing a giveaway for a kids Umbrella from Kidorable. They are so adorable! If you have a sweet little girl or boy that would love an Umbrella, head over to Jenna's page and put your name in!
We had a great weekend! I will try to get a post up very soon! We also received our newborn pictures we took some time back with Mika Beth and I CANNOT wait to get them posted as well...they are SO amazing! Hadlea is not feeling well today. She woke up during the night very congested and coughing. I called the dr this morning and they had me bring her in. She just has a little cold. She is not eating very well but has drank some Pedialyte. I just hope she gets over this very fast. It is too scary as a new momma to listen to her breath so heavy! Prayers would be great! :)


Erin said...

Way to go!! cant wait to see the pictures!!

Jenna said...

I just got an e-mail from the people at Softlips and she said she was going to ship them out today! Yay!! Maybe your luck is changing :)

Hope Hadlea starts feeling better I hate when my kids are sick even if it's a little cold, not fun at all :(

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