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Friday, March 19, 2010

h's first trip to the zoo!

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Yesterday I took the afternoon off and went with my SIL, niece, nephew and baby girl to the zoo! We had SO much fun! It was a PERFECT day! It was like 65 and barely any wind! I could not have dreamed for a better day! And to top it off...the kids were great and so, so funny, as always! I think our baby girl is going to LOVE the outdoors!

I think this photo is so funny because we call Hadlea, monkey. No idea why!? Just something Justin and I started calling her! I cannot wait until she can put that sweet little face in one of these holes with her cousins, Riley and Hannah! :)
Visiting the Eagles this year in 2010!
Visiting the Eagles this past summer in 2009! They have both grown SO much! :)
It was so hot outside and Hadlea was getting really warm so we got her out of her stroller and her Aunt Les carried her for a little bit! She LOVED it! And smiled at anyone that would pay attention to her. Espeically Riley and Hannah. This is her smiling at Riley!
Hannah in the petting zoo!
This picture almost makes me want to cry! Riley LOVES her. Hannah LOVES her. And it melts my heart and makes me feel SOOO good! They want to hold her ALL of the time!
She got tired of her carseat so we buckled her in like a big girl! She LOVED it too!
More smiles for cousin, Riley!
Riley's choice of animals, the tigers!
And since it was spring break, they had tons of inflatables! And Riley being ALL boy, he couldn't get enough!
This bear just looked so sweet! But it is okay, I refrained from giving him any love! :)
Hannah thought this BIG thing was fake! We had to wait until it moved to show her!
R and H
R, H and H!
Another sweet picture of the 3!
with Aunt Hova...which is what they call me!
And momma/aunt les!
Hadlea just loved it outside. She smiled all day long!
She was sweating so bad at one point that I took her pants off! She just laughed and smiled.
We were waiting on Riley to do this! He LOVED it! He was doing backflips!
And the train ride! This was Hannah's favorite! Hadlea woke up right after it took off and she loved it too! She just looked around!
And Riley and Hannah asked for a snake...momma said no...aunt hova said yes! I know, I am bad! I should listen to their mother...but it is hard! I love to see those smiles and being silly!
It was such a great day! I don't get to see the kids as much as before and I miss them SO much! Once Hadlea gets older, we will have so many sleepovers and trips. Hopefully fun trips to the lake this summer! They are the best kids EVER! There are not even words to describe them!
When we got home, Jessica and Becca were here to spend the evening. Jessica stayed the night and is keeping Hadlea today while I work. I know they are having so much fun! I need to get a picture of them! :)
I hope everyone had the weather we did and was able to get outside and enjoy it!


Jenna said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun!! We love going to the zoo :)

Erin said...

Looks like a great day, I love going to the zoo!

Paige said...

Don't you just love spring weather? I cannot wait for our trips to the zoo this year! Your little one is precious btw! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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