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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy...St. Patty's / Birthday / Baby!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful St Patrick's Day so far! Justin and I have always went to dinner and met friends on St Patty's Day and this year will be one of the first years we have stayed at home...and I couldn't be more excited! We have a lady coming from the Oklahoma Chapter of Parents as Teachers. She will start coming once a month and give us things to work on with Hadlea. I am not sure about the details, but you can bet I will be documenting it right here! Ha! This is a free program in Oklahoma, but I do not know about other states. If you are interested, I would 'google' it! :)
Today is also a special day for this sweet little girl, Anna Grace!
Anna is 7 years old today! She is the daughter of my cousin on my mom's side and one of the sweetest little girls in the ENTIRE world! I sure wish we all lived closer so Hadlea could spend more time with her! But when we are together, it is so special! Anna is getting to spend her birthday in Florida...and this momma is SO jealous! Ha! I cannot wait for our trip to Florida this summer! I am still looking for that perfect first swimming suit for Ms H!

And this is Malisa. Also my cousin on my mom's side. Anna Grace's Aunt. She would have been 30 years old today. Hadlea's middle name is Easton and I chose that because of Malisa. It is something she wanted to name her daughter. She has been with Jesus for 10 years now, and we miss her There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of Malisa and her family. My aunt, uncle and cousin are the strongest people I know, and they will truly never know how much I look up to SO many ways! Malisa is our guardian angel and I know she watches over Hadlea every day...and that, I will NEVER take for granted! I still find it ironic that Anna Grace was born on her aunt's birthday...I think someone upstairs had something to do about that! :)
And this sweet SO her momma and daddy's child! She LOVES music, just like we do. We were watching American Idol last night and she was glued to the TV! I put her on my knees and she just stared straight ahead! In the second picture, you could see Randy 'dogg' Jackson...Justin and I could NOT stop laughing! We are just so blessed that she is such a happy baby!

Enjoy your day and come back tomorrow! I have my first giveaway! I CANNOT wait!


Jenn said...

We do parents as teachers! You'll love it! Who's coming to see you? Hope you like it!

Jenn said...

I love Melinda!! She was ours too! She's great! We haven't called to see if there is an opat group here or not. It's been kind of crazy. Hope you enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes.

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