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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy 3 Months, Hadlea!

It doesn't even seem possible! (I have a feeling I am going to say that each month/year! I actually looked back at my 2 month post and I actually said the same thing! Ha! :) Hadlea is growing WAY too fast. I know she will be ONE year in what will seem about a couple of months! Speaking of ONE year..I have already started looking at party ideas. I am not a 'theme' person, but I want a REALLY girly 1st Birthday! I guess we will see! 
Hadlea is just the greatest thing to happen to me since Berkley! Ha! I would say Justin, but I think we both agree that Berkley was the greatest thing that happened to us since each other! :) I didn't get the pictures from the weekend. I should be getting them tomorrow so I will post as soon as I get them. For now...I took a few of my own last night. Isn't she just the sweetest thing?! But first...

What is Hadlea up to?!
  • She is eating every 3-4 hours during the day, anywhere from 2-7 ounces. She is NEVER consistent.
    • Her schedule looks something like: 7 ounces at 7AM, 3-5 ounces at 11AM, 3-4 ounces at 2PM, 3-4 ounces at 5PM, 3-4 ounces at 8PM and 2 ounces at 10PM and then bedtime!
  • She is sleeping around 9 hours a night (We normally lay her down around 10PM and we wake her up at 7AM to eat and then to the babysitter around 8AM!)
  • She is FINALLY in size 1 diapers
  • She LOVES bath time and car rides
  • She is FINALLY in 0-3 month clothes (Her newborn onesies and pants fit around, but not in length. Her pants are too short and onesies will not snap! :)
  • She follows my voice, but nothing like she does for her daddy!
  • She has started to notice Berkley and will watch him. If he lays by her on the floor, she will pull his hair.
  • She has started grabbing at toys if you hold them in front of her and of course, they go to her mouth!
  • She is the happiest when she wakes up from sleeping and gives the biggest smile
  • She is smiling, cooing and kicking her feet like crazy!
  • She has started to belly laugh out loud. Now only for her to start it consistently and get it on video!
  • She has rolled from her belly to her back a few times!
  • She is weighing around 10.5 lbs!
3 Months Old!
This is what she did the entire time I took her picture...lifting up her shirt! Oh how hard it will be when she is mobile!
I think she looks like me here, well, actually my dad..and I LOVE it! Although I LOVE her to look like her dadday too!
These were earlier in the day. We were playing in the floor and she was in the best mood!
And every girl should get to do her favorite thing on her birthday! So for this sweet was bath time!
Your daddy and I prayed for you for so long, and you have no idea how happy we are to have you in our lives. You make our lives so much brighter! My heart is just so full because of you. You are the happiest baby I have ever seen, and I wish I could spend every single moment of every single day with you, but I know you will grow so much getting interaction with others! When I drop you off at the babysitter every morning you just smile at Kennedy, your one year old friend, and it makes momma so happy to know you enjoy her! I hope you know someday just how much you are loved, not only by us, but by your great-grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and our close friends. I am so proud to be your momma! Happy 3 months sweet girl! I.LOVE.YOU!


Jennifer Owens said...

Oh she is too precious! I love the outfit you have her in and that great big bow too!

Time flies - just enjoy every moment. Mine is about ready to crawl!

Erin said...

Just way too cute! I think she looks like both of you! Where did you get her bath thing? Can't wait to see pictures from this weekend. I owe you an email.

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