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Friday, March 26, 2010

hadlea easton...

you are beginning to think you are a BIG girl. you.are.not! you are still a baby...mommas baby, daddys baby. you CANNOT sit up on your own...especially in your tub!!!
It doesn't matter how hard you try...and you DO try with all of your might!
You might get some help from momma or grammie...
and even more help from your big ol' daddy...
but you CANNOT do it on your own...even as much as you want too! But your sweet daddy will pull you on up just to see that big smile!
momma will hold you up in the tub so you can watch your feet!
 But the ONLY way we can get you to be still anymore in the bath you get you a wet wash cloth so you can suck off the water! Sounds completely gross and it COMPLETELY grosses out your daddy...but what do we do?! You think you can sit on your own...but you are still a BABY!
I have not idea how we will handle you once you are mobile! You wiggle more than any baby I have ever seen! I am so ready to see you crawl and walk, but I love this stage of your life and want you to stay my baby forever! I look forward to the future with you baby girl...just do not let it go too fast! Ha!

1 comment:

Erin said...

ooo she is just too cute! /i love her smile so i would let her sit just to see it as well :)

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