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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

gparents, animals and a baby shower...

Justin is gearing up for his first fishing tournament of the year! I believe it is March 14. He is in a new series this year and he is WAY excited about it! I pray.pray.pray that he will do well or it could be a LONG summer! Ha! He went to 'practice' fish this past weekend(which I had no idea you did just to fish..I mean this is just a hobbie :) so Hadlea and I headed out to Grampie and Grammies house. My cousin was also having a baby shower so we wanted to try and make it to see the family...some of them had not met Hadlea yet! This is pretty much what it looked like at my parents all weekend...needless to say, Hadlea got ALOT of attention!
The Hammons stopped by to meet Hadlea. Sweet Ady and Hadlea will be great friends growing up! Jennifer was one of my best friends in high school, and I cannot wait for future playdates!
Hadlea didn't sleep well so early that morning, I put her in bed with me. She slept so soundly after that! NOT GOOD! :) When I got up, Grammie went and laid with her.
We got dressed Saturday morning as more friends were stopping by!
Here we are with Jonni and Emma Kate. Jonni was another good friend from high school. It is so great to get to introduce Hadlea to my friends and their kids. It will be so fun as she gets older!
Saturday evening we went to a premium sale. My mom is the Court Clerk of Grant County here in Oklahoma and provides the meat for the dinner before this sale...I am sure most of you have heard of 4H or FFA where you can complete in stock shows...where you show steers, sheep, pigs, goats, etc. If you haven't, then you are missing out on some great small town life! Ha! My brothers and I showed steers and pigs all of our school days. I wouldn't trade it for the world, and I met friends I still stay in contact with today. In Grant County, they have a stock show where you can take your animal to be judged. There used to be around 100-200+ pigs and probably around 50+ steers at the shows I went to. If you won or placed well in your class at this show, then you made the premium sale. You go through an auction, just like this little boy below...although, you really do not sale your animal. Someone buys you, but it is really more like a donation they just give you! One sheep went for $1000.00, yes, ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! That someone just hands give them NOTHING, except maybe a free hat or a hand shake and later, write them a REALLY nice thank you letter! I LOVED living in a small town...Medford, population around 1200 at one time. I would say it is smaller now. But, now living in a city and knowing my daughter will go to a larger school almost makes me sad at times. I was in everything...4H, Student Council, FCCLA, Basketball, Track, Softball, Cheerleading(which I later quit to be the water girl for the football team, which I LOVED)...I could do anything I wanted, compete in anything, but I know she will not in a larger school. But I know she will survive just the same! I really just wanted to write about this sale to show you how small towns are so great! I mean these companies and business from 4 small towns in Grant County give kids money to walk around a little arena and 'show' their animal off. It is just so crazy to think about! back to our weekend! :) Our make-shift bath tub at Grammies..beach towls in the tub! :)
Hadlea has started grabbing at toys. She loves this little bug! It is so much fun to watch her play! She is learning the smallest things and it is so exciting! She is completely in LOVE with her she just found them for the first time. I really need to get it on video! Although, most of the time she is cross-eyed looking at them!
Hadlea meeting Great-Grandpa Kilian for the first time. This is my dad's dad and the father of 12, yes TWELVE, kids! He has raised a great family!!
And on to Sunday at the baby shower! This is my cousin Tyler and his wife, Shawna! They will be welcoming baby girl Emery Jo this summer! More friends for Hadlea! :)
Me with my cousin's daughter, Riley Kate! You can find her here!
My Aunt Teresa and Hadlea!
My baby cousins. I have babysat for each of them and have watched them grow from diapers...makes me feel SO old! But I love them more than anything..Abbey, Taylor, Kelsey and Courtney(or Korky as I call her)!
Riley Kate wanting Hadlea's Bow! :)
My dad's five sisters, Nancy, Paula, Mary, Linda and Teresa. Out of the 12 kids, only two families were busy and didn't make the shower. I think that is pretty amamzing!
Taylor and Kelsey with Hadlea
Great-Grandma Kilian
Riley Kate, her Grammie, Brenda, Hadlea and I. Brenda is my Godmother and someone I respect more than she will ever know!
Riley Kate and her momma, Krissy, Hadlea and I. Krissy is my cousin and Brenda's daughter. Just one big happy family! :)
My cousin Shelly. The shower was at her house. Shelly is prego with her 4th! She is one of the strongest girls I have ever met! I have no idea how she does it! :) Lilly will be here in April and join Bradyn, Charlie and Maddy!
More cousins! :) Shawna, Kelly, Shelly and I. Kelly and Shelly hosted the shower for Shawna. They are all sis-in-laws and the sweetest girls ever!
When we got back home on Sunday evening we were SO excited to see daddy. It felt like an eternity for me! Uncle Jake stopped by as he was in town getting clothes to go skiing. I just LOVE that my brothers want to be a part of Hadlea's life. They are both just so good to her!
I hope everyone had a great weekend as well! Nothing like sharing it two days later! :)


Hattie said...

Sounds like y'all had a great weekend! A whole lot of friends & family!!!

Erin said...

Looks like a great weekend with lots of attention for your little lady! Love the make shift bath tub :)

Amy Harmon said...

oh my gosh hadlea looks exactly like justin huh?

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