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Sunday, March 21, 2010

enjoying the cold...

well...from inside anyway! Hadlea and I haven't left the house since Friday! If you know us, you know we do not stay home much! We LOVE to go! But it has been so nice to be inside and just play with her! She is so funny these days! I am loving this stage of her life. She is so animated and LOUD! I am sure the loud-ness will get OLD in a few years, but now it is just too cute! She is smiling and coo-ing so much! I need to work on getting a full belly laugh on just cracks me up! She will yell really loud one time and I swear it is just to hear herself because she will just smile afterwards! She is LOVING all of the basketball right now. If we play in the floor, she will mostly stare at the TV. (Oh Lord, please let her share my love for sports. Her daddy only loves baseball and I like it, but really, football and basketball are SOOO much better!) And you think I might be kidding with a prayer like that...but nope! She HAS to LOVE sports...not an option...but I would never force it on her. I just want it to be natural! Okay, enough about are a few pictures and a video! :)

Somebody has found their feet and think they are the best thing...well, maybe after her hands!

Sleeping with daddy! View from my lap! And a small laugh!

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Erin said...

So cute, I love when babies find there feet :)

jenn said...

so cute..those feet will be the best toys for awhile:)

Jenn said...

I love the feet! Such a fun stage!

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