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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

concrete prints...

Nana and Rusty (Justin's mom and step-dad) have been building a new house since the end of last year. It is almost complete and looks amazing. I really need to take pictures and post before and after. Their previous house exploded from a gas link. Nana, Rusty, Riley and Hannah were all in the house. Thankfully, no one was killed. Seriously..I have no idea how they were all not injured more severely! Rusty had 3rd degree burns on his arms, hands and face. Nana had some broken fingers and some really burnt hair! (Sorry, Nana! :) NOTHING happened to the kids! It is beyond crazy!
They started pouring the steps and sidewalks around the house today. Rusty wanted all of the grandkids feet and hand prints in the steps going into the house. I took off at lunch and drove Hadlea over there. We had to wait for the cement to settle so we had some time inside the house...Riley and Hannah took turns taking pictures with the camera! :)
Hadlea and cousin, Riley
Hadlea and cousin, Hannah
Hadlea and Riley, again!
and again...can you tell who carries her around the most! :)
Riley Biley, Hadlea and I
Hannah, Hadlea and I
LOVE this picture! he.loves.her...and she is always so happy to see him!
me and my baby girl!
sweet, sweet Hannah...but don't let that sweet face fool you! Ha!
Hannah took this picture! She was smiling at Hannah and Riley!
Starting the hand prints with Baby H! Rusty Helping...
Then Hannah!
And the last grandkid...Caylee
This is adorable!
Now onto the feet! Hannah...
Caylee...'s foot is so tiny!


Erin said...

what a great idea! we did that with alex hands by our deck but you can barley see them! :) love the idea!!

Sara Campbell said...

sweet sweet idea!

Jennifer said...

That's awesome Heather!

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