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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

9 days old...

If you have looked at my blog since Hadlea has arrived, then you might remember THIS post...I STILL cannot believe those pictures are of MY baby a whole 9 days old! The pictures are absolutely gorgeous, but the photographer did have gorgeous-ness to work with, if I don't say so myself! Ha! We have finally got our pictures back and I asked Matt at Mika Beth Edwards Photography if I could scan in and share on my blog. We bought several pictures that I LOVE and am dying to get them put up in my house! My problem...they are so perfect that I need THE perfect spot, and I hope it doesn't take me 5 years to find that spot! :) I know I said in my previous post that EVERYONE needs to visit Mika Beth and again, I cannot stress that enough. Each one of these pictures are beyond perfect, and I will forever be grateful for each of them...

Here is the front of her Birth Announcement!
And this picture was the back! I LOVE this picture more than I can put in words! We got a huge one for our living room!
Our sweet family of 3! I would have taken Berkley for a picture, but the first time out of the house with a baby and driving over an hour was already a bit much!
Oh...being a momma to this sweet girl is almost too much! I don't think I am overly special by all means, but God sure thinks so! :) He just continues to bless us one day after another!
And I DID NOT marry a 15 year old...for some reason, Justin looks so young here! :)
And this just melts by heart!
Justin has the largest hands...EVER!
Those are her feet you see! :)
Her Aunt Shannan says this picture is for future blackmail!
These sweet pictures remind me of a bulldog! Just those rolls and those lips! Ha!
And 3 generations of girls!


Hattie said...

Those are the most beautiful pictures!!! You are a blessed momma to have such a cutie pie!!!

Erin said...

I saw these pictures on Mikas blog and I noticed you and just about died. These pictures are amazing, her work is amazing. What is her trick to getting the babies to sleep? I want to or I am dieing to do images of my newborn when she gets a little bigger and looks like a new born with some rolls but I need to figure out how to get her to sleep so i can position her like that!!!


Bonnie said...

They are all so beautiful!!! I love the one with her smiling. She looks SO much like her daddy ;) Everyone says Jarrett looks just like his daddy & I'm like "he has me in him too!"

Ramirez Family said...

These are fantastic. I absolutely love them!! Ugh, just too cute for words.

Rene said...

priceless treasures you will have for a life time and memories of her! love them

Jenn said...

the pictures are beautiful!! :)

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