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Monday, February 22, 2010

random picture post...

The weekend turned out to be great! We didn't do too much. Grammie ended up staying until Saturday morning so Friday night, Justin and I got out for a couple of hours. We went to the casino. It was a good time. Saturday afternoon we headed out to the Tackle Show. Hadlea slept through the entire thing in her stroller as we walked around and looked at isles and isles of fishing stuff...BORING! But Justin was in heaven! :) Sunday we hung out most of the day. Nana, Rusty, Riley and Hannah stopped by for a few minutes then we headed out for church...made a Walmart run and then we were back home! We got Hadlea's bags packed to start daycare today. She was supposed to go at 8am, but I called and said I would bring her around lunch. I just cannot stand the thought of her being gone the entire day! Changing the subject... :) So here are just a few of my favorite pics from last week and this weekend....

Hadlea and her Uncle Alan when he was here babysitting! There is truly NO hope for this kid! He is going to spoil her like crazy! And with that sweet smile...I think she knows it!
This is how I will spend every week night going forward. I will not let either of them out of my site since I won't see them during the day!
And Justin might fight me every night for this position. She is always so content sitting straight up with her daddy!
Our sweet family...minus B!
Somebody LOVES her Bumbo!
And LOVES to watch her brother run around!
Hannah..playing on my iPhone and laying with Berk!
Riley LOVES to hold Hadlea!
Hannah, Riley and Hadlea....I miss these kids more and more! They sure make my heart full...even to see them for a few minutes!


Bonnie said...

She is so cute & it seems like she smiles all the time! I try SO hard to get Jarrett to smile, but I have a hard time catching it with the camera :P

Erin said...

Sounds like a good weekend. I bet the daycare thing is hard. She is just getting so cute! I love her smile!

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