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Sunday, February 07, 2010

our first birthday party!

Hadlea's grammie left early Saturday morning and we had a full day planned! We had our very first birthday party to go to! So we got all dressed up....
After all, it could be our first future boyfriend! Ha! Here is the birthday boy, Trevin!
Trevin's momma, Taran, made the decorations! They were so cute! (She made the banners for one of Hadlea's baby showers as well)
Trevin's grandma made this cake! I believe that family has ALOT of talent! :)
And I guess Hadlea decided that if it wasn't her party and she wasn't the center of attention, that she wasn't having it! We didn't get to stay long! Ha!
But after we got home, we changed, had a couple of very nice diapers and played in the floor! :) I guess her stomach was upset after all and it wasn't that she was not the center of attention at the party! She was much happier!
And I am beginning to think this is her signature pose! When she gets really excited she will turn her head and smile like this. It is so adorable!
And bathtime...which we always know the outcome of it! Just a happy baby...


Erin said...

She is just so cute!!!

Jenna said...

OMG she is so cute! Love her little shirt with her name on it and she looks all modern in her chic little dress :)

The decorations for the party are awesome! Wish I had that much talent!

Have a great weekend! Good luck on my blog, the painting was so fun!!!

Sara Campbell said...

Someone is about to discover what kind of poo poo blue icing makes! :) Amazing cake.

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