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Monday, February 08, 2010

momma goes back to work... is the day I have been dreading for quite some time! My first day back to work. Although, I cannot complain too much as my job is very flexible and my sweet baby girl is right here beside me! I am working the first month from home, which Hadlea will be staying with me part of the time. I have her this week by myself and then next week her Uncle Alan and her Grammie will be splitting. I am still trying to decide whether I will send her on to the babysitter after that or keep her home one more week. I realize I am very blessed with the job I have and it would be crazy to quit. As she gets older I will be able to take off whenever needed...for school functions, summer trips, etc. Also since I get 4 weeks of vacation and holidays! I know not everyone is as lucky, and I shouldn't take it for granted! I am trying to be overly possitive today because I know it could be MUCH worse!

And just to leave you with a little smile...this crazy girl thinks she can hold a bottle! Need we reminder her that she is only 2 months?!


Jennifer Owens said...

I still remember my first day back to work after my son was born. It's still just as hard to leave him every morning even though he's in great hands. Being a workign mom is an adventure for sure!

Bonnie said...

You are VERY lucky. I go back to work on Monday, but a lady at the property I work at will be watching him. So, he will only be few steps away. I feel like I am lucky too, but I don't get 4 weeks of vacation!! HAHA! Goodluck getting into your "working" routine.
<3 Bon

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