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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Massacre of 2010

WARNING: NOT for the weak stomach! Please tell me that I am not the only terrible mother in the world that cuts her baby's finger nails and snips her finger every single time I cut them! I have cut Hadlea's finger nails 3 times in her short little life, and I have snipped her finger each time...and each time, it has been on the very last finger that I try to cut! I just CANNOT win! And this has definitely been the very worst it has ever been! I may never cut her finger nails again! I will just wait until she is old enough to do it herself...because you know her daddy isn't about to even try! :) So...I cut her thumb this time. If I touched it, she would scream bloody I just left it alone. She laid in my lap and moved around and this is what she looked like after about 2 minutes!
She then went to lay with her daddy and this is what they both looked like. It took forever to stop bleeding, but she was fine. We eventually put her in the bathtub and it stopped...and of course, made her the happiest baby EVER!
All clean and so happy!
And if we ever put here in the floor to play, Berkley is right next to her...just making sure she is okay!
I got out her little play gym and put her hand around a ring and she would swing her arm. It would bump the other toys and the rattles would shake and she would just smile! It was so cute!
She is just a happy baby! I sure hope she stays like this for life! :)


Hattie said...

This might sound a little gross, but it works...My Nannie (who had 9 children) told me to bite the boys nails off when the got out of the bath. I kept doing the same thing you are and was afraid to cut their nails. So now I bite the baby's nails off. I know it sounds weird but it works for us and no more blood from cuts!!! Hope this helps y'all out!

jenn said...

we used cuticle nail scissors..and they work perfectly..

Sara Campbell said...

Heather, most likely they are still fused to the skin which is why they are doing that. When I had my 2nd baby, I had no idea they could be fused and I snipped them right off in the hospital, the nurses (in Singapore) were so so upset with me. They do mittens there and don't cut! I was so humiliated to have a newborn with bloody fingers. Hattie mentioned biting, I have heard that works. It is easier when they are bigger. Poor Mama, I know that made you sick.

Emily said...

Don't feel bad -- those little fingernails are so hard to cut! Asher has the sharpest nails, so I NEED to trim them, but I'm so afraid of cutting his fingers. Hadlea looks so happy after her bath, no trauma done! :o)

grammie said...

Next time grammie will come over and cut them.

Amy said...

You could also just use an embry board and file them down. That's what I did with my daughter until she was about 6 months old and I could tell a little better where the nail ended and the finger began.
Good luck!

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