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Thursday, February 11, 2010

like her momma&daddy?

I think not! This little girl wakes up in the best moods! She is always SO happy when she wakes up...unlike her momma and daddy! :) Justin and I are NOT morning people! I would much prefer to get out of bed and not talk to anyone until about noon! Ha! When Justin and I first got married, we wouldn't even speak in the mornings. He would leave for work with a 'bye' and that was it! We would later call and talk, but NEVER first thing in the morning! I think that is changing...I mean really...who could not be ready for this in the mornings!?! It completely melts my heart!
And Berkley is always ready to see her as well! He jumps and jumps until I pick him up to see her! And this melts my heart as well! I want them to get along so bad...and there is no doubt in my mind that they will!
Yesterday morning we watched a little of this...Praise Baby, God of Wonders! She LOVES it and would stare at the tv. Some of the videos have a kaleidoscope look which completely catches her attention!
We also got out some rattles during the video because she was moving her arms and kicking her feet. She would smile so big at the rattles!
And then we had bath time last night...he feet are SO tiny compared to her daddy's hands!
And this is what our new bath time looks like! Berkley MUST be on the counter to watch. He will sit at our feet and whine until we put him up there! But I DO clean my counter tops off afterwards since there is water everywhere anyway...and that is just for you NON doglovers...major doglovers wouldn't even think about the countertops! :)
 We are doing laundry and packing today as we will head out for Hadlea's Christening tomorrow! We are going to my parents in Medford where I grew up and for Father Mike to perform the Christening...this is special to us since he married Justin and I!

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