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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Happy 2 Months, Hadlea!

WOW! Why do I feel like my life is passing right before my very eyes!? I cannot believe my baby girl is already 2 months old! And I am sure I will say it with each monthly post...but this has definitely been the GREATEST 2 months of my entire life! I love her more is a love that I had no idea truly existed! Please do not get me wrong...I am completely in love with Justin! I love him more and more everyday as well....seeing him with his baby girl is something I dreamed about for so long and to see it in reality is something I hope I never take for granted! It really does make me think about the love that God has for us. We sin...but yet he continues to love us unconditionally and fulfill our prayers. I do not know how many times I thought he would never fulfill Justin and I's prayers to be parents, but He did! And it was perfect timing! Although it did NOT feel like it for so long! I am so grateful to wake up to this every morning, noon and night...and especially this morning when she is a whole 2 months old...
This morning after she ate, I tried for her 2 month picture. I had a cute little cheetah print outfit for her, but it was WAY too big! This sweet girl is still in 2 months! So...I went the Sporty Spice route! She HATED the hat and cried...I wasn't about to get a smile! :)
We then stripped down and put on some babylegs! (Have I mentioned my LOVE for babylegs?! I heart them!) I then got some smiles!
Then I tried another hat! Nope...still hates them and more cries! Mean Momma!
Quick shot with brother!
This afternoon we tried on one of her new outfits! Of course...found on Etsy! (If you want the name of the seller, holler! This girl was amazing to work with! She even sent pictures of the fabric before sewing! She made Hadlea another outfit for Valentine's Day...but I made V-Day cards that were sent today so I am waiting to post those pictures.)
What is Hadlea up to?!
  • She is eating every 3-4 hours during the day, anywhere from 3-6 oz. She is NEVER consistent
  • She is sleeping about 8-9 hours at night (We normally lay her down around 11PM and she wakes up around 7-8AM!)
  • She is still wearing newborn diapers
  • She LOVES bath time and car rides
  • She is still in newborn clothes (She has maybe two 0-3 month outfits she can wear)
  • She follows my voice, but nothing like she does for her daddy!
  • She is the happiest when she wakes up from sleeping and gives the biggest smile
  • She is smiling, cooing and kicking her feet like crazy! She gets squirmier(a word?) everyday! I have no idea what it will be like to feed her when she is mobile! YIKES!!
  • She HATES to go to sleep at night...she will fight you to the bitter end!
  • I have no idea what she weighs. We weighed her at her Nana's work on the mail scales last week and it was almost 10lbs. We go to the doctor next Tuesday for her 2 month appointment. We were supposed to go tomorrow, but we are baptizing her this weekend and I didn't want her fussy after the shots! :( I know I am going to be so sad...and her daddy says he is NOT going! :)


Hattie said...

She is just so beautiful! Love all the hats & bows! Enjoy it they grow up so fast!

Jenn said...

Wow, she's getting so big! I love her pictures especially the top one where she's smiling! It definitely goes by fast so enjoy all the little things!

Bonnie said...

You are so lucky she sleeps that long!! What are you doing, haha. She is such a doll!
<3 Bon

Sara Campbell said...

I just want to SQUEEZE those legs!! So cute!!!!

Jessica said...

Her little smile just melts my heart! I can't believe she's already 2 months old. I'm sure it seems much faster to you!

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