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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hadlea's Baptism Weekend...Cont

This might be picture overload, but there were WAY too many great pictures not to share! We took 243 pictures over the weekend...just so many memories to look back on over the years! February 14 will always be more than Valentine's Day to me. It will always be the day we gave Hadlea to Jesus. (John 3:5: Jesus answered, "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.)
Before Hadlea was born, we found out how truly blessed and loved we were by the gifts we received while we awaited her arrival...after Hadlea was born and we were in the hospital, we found out how truly blessed we were by the amount of prayers we received for her to get better and get to go home with us...and this past Sunday was NO different! We had so many friends and family join us as we Baptized Hadlea. I have said so many times that I LOVE and look up to my Godparents in so many ways, and I hope the same for Hadlea too. Justin and I talked several times about who we would choose to be Hadlea's Godparents. It was not a choice we took lightly, but in the end, it was the right choice for Hadlea. I know my brother Alan and best friend Shannan will watch over her if anything EVER happens to Justin and I. I know they will provide the best for her and make sure she knows Jesus and follows Him with her heart, ALWAYS! Now, on to pictures...I have to say so many of these pictures will always have a special place in my heart!

My grandma, My dad's mom, & Hadlea's great-grandma
This picture just makes me smile! Hadlea gave her Great-Grandma so many great smiles!
Another picture that makes my heart smile! This is Katelyn, my Goddaughter, and Hadlea. Hadlea could NOT get enough of her!
Jake and Hadlea, my cousin's son...he is 4 months and a chunk! I wonder if Hadlea will EVER get this size! :)
Justin and Brynlee...she LOVES her Justin
Hadlea and her Pappy
Berkley's girlfriend, Mazie!
This picture makes me smile because that is MY dad...playing 'horsey' with my best friend, Shannan's daugher! Just think how much fun Hadlea and her Pappy will have when she is older!
My Granny...Hadlea's Great-Granny or Gigi!
Ms Brynlee and Hadlea
Hadlea and Kennedy
B and KK...these are two of the sweetest girls, but I have told Shannan that Hadlea is NOT allowed out of the house with Brynlee when they are older unless Kennedy is with them...KK will have a conscience! :) Brynlee is just ornery...I mean, look at the smile!
And here is Justin barried under blankets and pillows by B and KK!
Hadlea's Godparents blessing her head
Hadlea getting baptized
Uncle Alan-Godfather, Father Mike, Me, Hadlea, Justin and Shannan-Godmother!
Uncle Alan, Aunt Amanda, Pappy, Grammie, Me, Hadlea, Justin and Uncle Jake
Rusty, Nana, Hannah, Riley, Me, Hadlea and Justin
Hadlea's great-grandparents! I am so glad she is getting a chance to meet them! You never know what happens in life, but I know so many do not get to meet their great-grandparents!
Granddad, Gigi, Me, Hadlea, Justin and Grandma
4 Generations...Me, Hadlea, Grandma and Pappy
4 Generations...Grammie, Me, Hadlea and Gigi
Hadlea's Godparents and Parents!
Huskey/Justice Family!
Our Family of 3!
Hadlea and her Godparents!
The kiddos! Brynlee, Hannah, Riley, Hadlea and Kennedy!
Uncle Alan-Hadlea's Godfather, Uncle Gary-My Godfather!
Brynlee, Kennedy, Katelyn and Hadlea
My very best friend, Shannan!
Me, Hadlea, Katelyn-my Goddaughter and her mom, Catherine
My cousin, James...who might me the funniest person I have EVER met!
Hadlea and her Grammie
Thanks to all for a very special weekend! Thanks to my parents for housing all of us and our friends! Thank you also for providing breakfast to the entire church after the baptism! It was a very special day that we will never forget!


Erin said...

I love all the pictures and she is just adorable. How sweet to have her baptism on Valentines day. Now it just makes it extra extra special!

Jenna said...

Oh goodness, she is just adorable!!! Love her outfit and headband-she's so stylish already :)

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