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Friday, January 29, 2010

passing time and lunch with friends

Well...two posts in one day doesn't happen very often! Ha! Justin made it home about 3PM, was home about 30 minutes and got called back out! I was bummed as I was so glad he was home! H, B and I just piled back down in front of the fire and watched TV. When daddy got back home around 7PM, we ate dinner and then played with Hadlea and Berkley. Now...Justin is watching fishing, H and B are sleeping and I am BORED! But here are a few pictures we took laying around today...
If Hadlea lays in the floor...Berk is normally pretty close by...
If you sit in the floor, Berkley will come sit in your lap. You cannot see very well in this picture, but Berkley came over and tried to sit in Hadlea's lap. I could NOT stop laughing.
Happy girl!
Tummy Time!
She could stare at her daddy all day long!
This week Hadlea and I went to meet more of my work friends for lunch. She was asleep when we got there and wasn't too happy about being woke up! She normally sleeps when we go out to eat, but that day, she was not having it! But everyone was so happy to finally see her in person! Lord knows they get to see enough pictures! :)
Joyce and Hadlea
Yvonne and Hadlea
Patty is holding Hadlea and Debbie E is giving her a finger puppet show!
You have to know Debbie E! :)
Patty and Hadlea again

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