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Friday, January 22, 2010

Hadlea's 1 Month Pictures!

I always knew I would be THE mom that documented every milestone in my baby's life! Even if it meant taking her to a photographer every two weeks...I would do it! But, I decided that I would try my hand at taking Hadlea's 1 month pictures! I wanted to try and make my own bith annoucements, which ended up being WAY harder than I thought. I am entirely too picky! :) Then I was trying to decide how I would get them printed out! I normally print at Wal-Mart or Shutterfly...but I decided in the end to make them on Shuttyerfly....and I LOVE the way the turned out. Very simple!

Here are a few of what I took. I think I ended up taking 80 pictures...
and of course, she was so good the entire time! :)

She is my little buddha belly here!

and this is my FAVORITE picture below! she looks so peaceful!

and this was my studio..HA! I threw a blanket up over the back of my headboard on my bed. Got my lamps out of the living room because it was a dark, rainy day when I took them and I needed more light. I put the blanket in the dryer to get it warm and then turned on her sleep sheep. She was OUT in the beginning and started waking up towards the end...but she was in a great mood!


Erin said...

Very cute, I love the close up of her lips, she is just stunning!! Good work mommy!!!

Hattie said...

Those have to be the sweetest pictures I've ever seen. You did such a good job on those and the announcement!

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