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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

bath time fun!

Hadlea decided she wasn't tired last night and was still awake at 2AM! She has slept most of the day so I thought we would give her a bath to wake her up. We normally give her a bath like they showed us at the hospital where we wrap her top half in a towel and wash the bottom and then switch...this way she doesn't get too cold. Well tonight...we broke out the bathtub that Nana got her! So did she like it?

Daddy getting her ready...

She isn't too sure at first...

And this tells it all...She LOVED it!

She laid in the water, kicked her feet, talked a little and smiled the entire time!


Erin said...

How cute :) I am glad she liked it and I hope she isnt still up at 2am tonight!

Hattie said...

Hi new here! Just wanted to say what a cute little girl you have. Plus your lucky you have a girl because when you have a boy & it's their first bath it's your first time to be peed on!!!

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