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Monday, January 18, 2010

8 years

I thought Justin was the man of my dreams until I met my nephew, Riley Clay, for the first time on January 18, 2002. Ha! My main man is turning 8 years old today! I cannot believe I have been in Justin's family for 8 years! It does NOT seem possible. I met Justin in September 2001 through his mother. I was able to be in the delivery room when Riley was born, and he has forever changed all of our lives! I have had so many great times with Riley, and we have made some great memories! I will definitely use alot of these photos against Riley when he is older! Ha!

Halloween..he CRIED forever when we cut his pants!

Building snowmen!

Fun at the waterpark!

Shooting guns in Medford with Uncle Justin!

Dying eggs in Medford with sister, Hannah!

Meeting Berkley for the first time!

Summers at the zoo!

And he lives with me taking pictures of him every second!

And he is growing up to be such a handsome young man!

His birthday party was on Saturday!

Riley Clay...your Uncle Justin, Hadlea and I love you more than you will EVER know! Our lives haven't been the same since you were born and they will FOREVER be better with you in them! I look forward to so many more years with you, and I promise not to run too many girls off when you get older! :)

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