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Sunday, January 31, 2010

wrapping up the weekend...

Saturday evening we wrapped up the night with a bath and more fire time! I LOVE bathtime! I am sure I enjoy it WAY more than she does and she does enjoy it! There is just nothing better than a clean smelling baby! Here we are getting ready for the bath...
and bath time...
and I LOVE her sweet baby feet!
family time in front of the fire...justin was with us, but I made him go get the camera! :) (and yes, that is still my Christmas rug. The floor gets so dirty from the fireplace that I didn't want to take it up! :)
Here we are this morning before church! We went to lunch after church and then Uncle Alan and Aunt Amanda came over to babysit while I went to get my hair done and Justin went shoe shopping! He drove me to get my hair done since the roads were still kinda icey. It was nice to get away for a bit...although it felt like an eternity, and I was so ready to get back to her! I am sure she never missed me and was spoiled by A&A! Nana and Rusty stopped by this evening while they were in town. Hadlea didn't sleep much today so she has been cranky and fighting sleep! Thankfully she is peacefully sleeping now!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

snow/ice update and sewing

We are still snowed in and just relaxing! Here is a picture from this morning. I think we ended up with 6 inches of snow and a half inch of ice....not great, but far better than what they were originally forecasting!

These were ice sickles hanging out my kitchen window. They are ALOT bigger in person than they look in this picture, but I thought they were neat looking! :)
Here are my sleeping babies! Hadlea is definitely her momma's daughter...she LOVES to sleep in front of the fireplace. This is where we have laid for two days!
And this is what I have been doing...sewing! We have a TON of babies coming in my family so I made some burp clothes that I plan on getting monogrammed! Hopefully everyone loves monogramming as much as I do! Ha!

Friday, January 29, 2010

passing time and lunch with friends

Well...two posts in one day doesn't happen very often! Ha! Justin made it home about 3PM, was home about 30 minutes and got called back out! I was bummed as I was so glad he was home! H, B and I just piled back down in front of the fire and watched TV. When daddy got back home around 7PM, we ate dinner and then played with Hadlea and Berkley. Now...Justin is watching fishing, H and B are sleeping and I am BORED! But here are a few pictures we took laying around today...
If Hadlea lays in the floor...Berk is normally pretty close by...
If you sit in the floor, Berkley will come sit in your lap. You cannot see very well in this picture, but Berkley came over and tried to sit in Hadlea's lap. I could NOT stop laughing.
Happy girl!
Tummy Time!
She could stare at her daddy all day long!
This week Hadlea and I went to meet more of my work friends for lunch. She was asleep when we got there and wasn't too happy about being woke up! She normally sleeps when we go out to eat, but that day, she was not having it! But everyone was so happy to finally see her in person! Lord knows they get to see enough pictures! :)
Joyce and Hadlea
Yvonne and Hadlea
Patty is holding Hadlea and Debbie E is giving her a finger puppet show!
You have to know Debbie E! :)
Patty and Hadlea again

more ice and a lazy day...

We are in the middle of another ice storm here in Oklahoma! Hadlea, Berkley and I are all snuggled down and staying warm. They are both peacefully sleeping! The roads are terrible so Justin was able to come home early...maybe a movie and a nap for us shortly too!
Here are a few pictures from our front door! These were taken around 12PM and it is supposed to snow until midnight tonight! Glad we have no where to go....

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Christmas with Gigi-Grandad, Caffey's & Zimmerman's

I have been working on getting this posted for some time, but it has taken forever as some little girl is becoming a LITTLE spoiled and wanting to be held almost all day...but you will not find me complaining! :) I would gladly hold her all day, but I don't think her future babysitter would appreciate that! She is sleeping I am finishing up! There are TONS of enjoy!
We were supposed to have my mom's family's Christmas the weekend after Christmas here in Tulsa, but due to the snow, we had to cancel! We rescheduled to this past weekend in Duncan, OK, where my grandparents live. It was such a great weekend! Everyone was able to make it on Saturday, and it was so great to be together! We all live in Texas, Oklahoma and it isn't the easiest thing to do to get together! But here we are....

Anna, Me, Michele and Hadlea

Gigi and Anna

Hadlea LOVED the attention and everyone passing her around!
Here she is with my Uncle Bill

and with her sweet cousin, Anna Grace

with Aunt Amanda and Grammie

Hadlea with Gigi

and with Granddad

with Uncle Jake

Hadlea and her grandpa

And the boys spent alot of the day playing...what!
Here is Harvey Dean with his ball!

Harvey and Zac

Alan and Zac

Alan and Harvey

Alan and Zac again!

Hadlea smiling at Anna

Anna opening presents!

And Harvey opening his art box from Aunt Deana

My dad and Aunt Becky

My Uncle Bill and cousin, Michele

Harvey Dean and his Bimps

Amanda and Anna

Gigi and Granddad

Gigi, Granddad and their great-grandkids

The great-grandkids...Harvey, Anna, Hadlea and Zac

Grandkids and great-grandkids with Gigi and Gdad

The WHOLE Family!

Our little family with Gigi and Gdad

And our little family!

My parents, brothers, future SIL and us!

4 Generations!

My Aunt Becky and Uncle Bill with Hadlea

My brother Alan and future SIL, Amanda

Justin and I

and our sweet baby girl!

Hadlea received some GREAT for her savings account, clothes, pjs and this tile! I LOVE this idea. Hadlea received this from Aaron, Michele, Anna, Harvey and Zac. It is so adorable! I bought a stand and put it on her dresser! Thanks, Michele!

I never blogged about this, but I wanted to share...Hadlea received this frame from a family friend, Donna. Donna is friend's with Justin's mom. This is also on her dresser. Donna had this made with her name, birthday date, weight, length, time...I Love this as well. Thanks, Donna!
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