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Sunday, December 13, 2009

a new beginning...

We are all home...the 4 of us! Berkley still doesn't know exactly what to think, but I am beginning to think that he will be VERY overprotective of her. Whoever is holding or feeding her gets Berkley too! If she is in her cradle or playpen where he cannot see her, he will go over and jump up and down to try to see her. We pick him up so he can get a quick peek!
We do not have any type of schedule what-so-ever and I know it will take days/weeks to get one. I never knew how busy you could possibly be with a new baby, but I wanted to get some new pics we took today on here. Santa(or Grandpa) came for a visit so we snapped a few shots!
You can also go to the link I posted on the previous post and see the rest of the pictures we took!
Hospital Picture!

Resting at home

Nana (Justin's Mom) holding her for the first time...she was sick at the hospital.

Checking out Santa

Grammie, Hadlea and Santa

Diaper cover from Nana


Erin said...

Very cute, she is just adorable. Be patient with the schedule, it will come with time!

Mary Kate said...

Heather...she is perfect!!! congrats on your beautiful little Hadlea!

Jenn said...

She's so cute! Hopefully we can come see her next week, if your ready for visitors. I won't have to babysit so it'll just be me and my girls. I'll give you a call sometime next week to see. Let me know if you need anything! Call me if you just need "mommy time" or a shower, lol. It's sometimes nice to not worry about if they are crying or not. :)

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